Prank Leads to Smashed Window

Jamestown Police Department responded to the Best Western Hotel for a report of a window being smashed out. After speaking with the manager of the hotel, officers learned that the hotel received a phone call from a male stating that he was cut off from his phone call with a male customer in room 210.

Hotel staff did transfer the phone call from the unknown male to the room. When the customer in the room answered the room's phone, he was advised by the unknown male that he was a member of HAZMAT and that the fire department and HAZMAT were in the hotel lobby with a major gas/carbon monoxide leak.

At that time, the male customer was told to smash out a window to avoid injury or death. The male customer believing he was in danger did so, damaging the window.

The male customer was not charged with the damages. The Jamestown Police Department is advising the public and businesses to be aware of this type of scam, and to contact the Jamestown Police Department should they receive any such phone calls.


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