FT Supervisors Discuss Possible Development

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In an unusually brief Foster Township supervisors meeting sewer issues, for a change, did not take center stage.

Sewer and sanitary authority issues were discussed, but shared time with police, emergency management, code enforcement and business development.

When asked by resident Bill Hallock how much it would cost to develop property at the Foster Brook intersection, supervisor Dale Phillips said there are no figures from PennDOT but development and occupancy permits depend on use, and how many cars are going in and out.

“I believe we’ve got some great potential down there in that area,” Phillips said, adding that he likes to go Applebee’s in Olean on Saturday and “it’s like Bradford day. I know everybody in there.”

“Why can’t I know everybody in Applebee’s that’s in Foster Township? Why are we going there instead of them coming here?” he asked rhetorically.

He said he’s called the owners of the Kmart property in the Bradford Mall in the hopes of getting the planning committee and supervisors inside the building to see what kind of shape it’s in.

Phillips said he is not opposed to using it as a development to bring in new businesses. He said the building is 90,000 square feet under one roof.

“Who’s going to rent 90,000 square feet? But split that into 10 stores. That’s a different story. Get 10 new, small businesses to come in, and each one of those 10 businesses has two or three new employees, and everybody makes out.”

Later in the meeting, Phillips said he is looking forward to working with the new planning committee “to see what we can do to drag some businesses into Foster Township.”

Also Monday, supervisors approved an update to the International Property Maintenance Code that includes an 8-inch limit on grass in people’s lawns.

They noted that the township never had a limit on the height of grass before. Supervisor Jim Connelly Jr. said code enforcement officer George Corignani has done a lot of work since he come on board earlier this year, and is updating a lot of ordinances.

In other matters, supervisors recognized township emergency management coordinator Sally Scrivo for all of the work she does in general, and specifically her preparations for Hurricane Sandy.

Connelly said, during the preparations for the storm, he was enlightened on her expertise.

“When you’re sleeping at night and everything is calm and going good, but when you need her she’s there,” he said.

Supervisors also heard from Police Chief Tom Munn, who said his department has received a grant from Wal-Mart that they will be using to buy more Child ID kits. They include hair samples (for the child’s DNA), fingerprints, dental records and a picture of the child.

Munn also said the department is now compliant with the FCC’s “narrow banding” of their radios.

Also, Hallock and resident Tom Perry reiterated their opposition to a regional sanitary authority, saying they believe it would benefit the City of Bradford and hurt the township.

Supervisor John Sullivan, again, said the plan for a regional authority is still just in the discussion stage as it has been for 40 years.

“It’s a lot of conjecture right now,” he said, adding that it’s premature to talk about consolidation of sanitary authorities until there’s a “plan in hand.”

Pictured, Foster Township emergency management coordinator Sally Scrivo listens as supervisor Jim Connelly Jr. reads a proclamation honoring her for her dedication to the township, as supervisors Dale Phillips and John Sullivan look on.
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