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Open Letter to Retailers

Dear Retailer Who is Upset About October Sales Being Down:

I went into your store to shop for Thanksgiving items. I couldn't find any. Actually, it wasn't all that easy to find Halloween items -- even in the second week of October. When more than 50 percent of your store is filled up with Christmas-related items on October 15, can you really expect to have decent sales?

I realize that the Christmas shopping season is the best time of year for you guys, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to extend it for another month. Many of us would still like to wait until after Thanksgiving to start our serious Christmas shopping. I think your lackluster October sales are evidence of that.

So, my advice is: Sell your "normal" items, and maybe throw in some Thanksgiving items, and I bet your sales will be just fine next year.

A Shopper Who Doesn't Want to See Christmas Stuff in October

PS: Next year I'm starting the "Bring Thanksgiving Back" camp…