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Friday, June 6, 2014

Some ANF Trails Open Tomorrow

WARREN – The Allegheny National Forest (ANF) announced the opening of its Rocky Gap ATV Trail effective at 9 a.m. Saturday, but another trail will remain closed for the time being.

The regularly scheduled opening of its ATV trail system was postponed on Memorial Day weekend due to heavy rains and flooding sustained over parts of the forest the week before their scheduled opening. Conditions have improved and affected areas have been inspected to allow the opening of the additional trails. In addition to the Rocky Gap trail opening this weekend, the Timberline Trail and Willow Creek Trail are also open. Both loops of the Marienville Trail (Bike and ATV) remain closed while necessary repairs are made.

The public is encouraged to check regularly for updated information, either on the Allegheny National Forest website ( or by calling any of its three offices (Supervisor’s Office 814-723-5150, Marienville Ranger District 814-927-6628, Bradford Ranger District 814-362-4613). Daily or annual trail permits are available at any of the three ANF offices. The Bradford Office is open on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and the Marienville Office is open Saturdays and Sundays, also from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Casey Reflects on D-Day

U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released the following statement on the 70th anniversary of D-Day:

“Today I am deeply honored to represent my fellow Pennsylvanians and all Americans in honoring the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion on the beaches of Normandy today, where many American service members gave their lives to push back German forces and begin the fight to liberate Europe.

Pennsylvanians contributed significantly to the World War II effort with nearly 1.2 million from the Commonwealth having served by June of 1945. The Anniversary of D-Day is a poignant reminder of the tremendous sacrifices made both past and present by our service members and their families. It is our solemn duty to honor their valor.”

Below are photos from Senator Casey’s visit:

A view of the bluffs at Pont du Hoc, where U.S. Army Rangers heroically climbed about 100 feet straight up. President Reagan famously delivered the following line in his 1984 speech: “These are the boys of Pointe du Hoc. These are the men who took the cliffs. These are the champions who helped free a continent. These are the heroes who helped end a war.”

A view of Omaha Beach and the English Channel, where 160,000 Allied troops invaded Nazi-occupied France 70 years ago today.

The first pictures is the first cross Casey saw in the cemetery. It belongs to Sgt. Wilbert L. Gray from Pennsylvania

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Meeting on Historic District Set for Monday

A public meeting to discuss the recently conducted survey to update the inventory of historic properties in the National Register list of the city’s historic district buildings will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. in Council Chambers of City Hall.

Business and building owners within downtown Bradford’s historic district are encouraged to attend.

Staff from Preservation Pennsylvania, who surveyed the inventory of buildings within the historic district, will present a slide show that demonstrates how the story of Bradford is reflected in the built environment. The meeting will be an opportunity to learn about the Bradford community and share any concerns that you may have related to buildings or properties within the historic district or regarding historic properties within the City of Bradford.

Additionally, on Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Erin Hammerstedt from Preservation Pennsylvania will be available by appointment (at no cost) to meet with individual business and building owners to discuss their current or potential projects. Erin may be contacted directly at to schedule an appointment.

For more information concerning the meeting or the building inventory update please contact Anita Dolan, Main Street Manager at 598-2646.

Photo of Old City Hall by Anne Holliday, WESB

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AG Kane: Man Had Child Pornography

The state attorney general’s office has filed charges against a man for have more than 100 images of child pornography on his computer.

32-year-old Michael Geer had images of children as young as 6 years old engaged in graphic sexual poses, according to the AG’s office.

He was charged with eight counts each of distribution of and possession of child pornography and sent to Warren County Jail on $50,000 cash bail. He’s scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

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Police Search for Missing Man

Jamestown Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a man who’s been missing since May 27.

43-year-old Joseph Anthony was last seen at about 10:30 that night in the 700 block of East Second Street. Family members have checked a number of locations and leads on where he may be but haven’t found him.

Anthony is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 280 pounds. He has short black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information on Anthony’s whereabouts is asked to call police at 716-483-7537.

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Olean HS Girls Being Approached by Man

Olean police are investigating incidents in which a man approached Olean High School girls and tried luring them into his SUV.

They say a balding, white man in his mid- to late 30s approached some girls as they were being dismissed from school on Tuesday, and on two other occasions.

The suspect is driving a red or maroon SUV, and police are asking anyone who witnessed the incidents, or who has information about the man or vehicle, to contact them.

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Sherman Pair Charged with Arson

A Chautauqua County man and woman are accused of setting an SUV on fire to get insurance money.

Sheriff’s deputies say a week after the SUV co-owned by 46-year-old Terri Seekings of Sherman was damaged they learned the fire was probably intentionally set so she could collect the insurance money.

27-year-old Kenneth Brightman is accused of starting the fire. He was charged with arson and conspiracy and sent to jail.

Seekings is also charged with arson and conspiracy, but was released on her recognizance.

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Student Suspended After Restroom Message

A Salamanca high school student has been suspended and the city’s school district was in heightened security mode after threatening messages were found on a boys’ restroom wall earlier this week.

The phrase “kill 55” and word “Friday” were found Wednesday afternoon. School officials and police investigated Thursday and notified the public this morning.

District Superintendent Robert Breidenstein says they waited until today to say anything because they wanted the suspected student to show up for school this morning. He says, by that time, they had already determined the threat was non-credible.

The 16-year-old student’s name hasn’t been released.

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Bradford Man Sentenced in Two Cases;
Several Others Still Pending

A Bradford man has been sentenced to 10 days to 12 months in McKean County Jail and 12 months’ probation in two of the criminal cases against him.

21-year-old Harvey Rose was sentenced for theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property for stealing a cell phone. Police also found him with 10 dime bags of marijuana while conducting an investigation.

But Rose’s legal troubles are not over. He is also charged in connection with four arsons in the city, and for an incident in which his 2-week-old baby was burned by hot water while he was preparing to bathe the infant.

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Police Harasser Headed to State Prison

An Allegany, NY, man who made harassing phone calls to the McKean County 911 Center, Kane-based state police and Port Allegany Police will serve six months to two years in state prison.

38-year-old Jeffrey Havers made numerous calls to the 911 Center and said he would keep calling until he could talk to a “real cop.” He also asked to speak with a “real cop” when he called state police and, when asked for his name, swore at the person on the phone and said he would keep calling all night. He also left a vulgar message on the Port Allegany Police Department’s answering machine.

Havers also made eight phone calls to a woman between midnight and 1 a.m. on October 19, causing her emotional distress.

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PA Delegation Commemorating D-Day

Washington, DC -- U.S. Senator Bob Casey is in Normandy as part of the U.S. delegation to commemorate the brave service of U.S. troops during World War II and the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Bradford native Elmer DeLucia proudly served in the US Army and was part of the D-Day invasion.

According to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, more than1,170,000 Pennsylvanians were serving or had served in the wartime armed forces by 1945, and according to the National Archives, more than 15,000 Pennsylvanians were killed during WWII. Senator Casey also called on Congress to pass legislation to honor the bravery and sacrifice of our veterans.

“I am proud to represent my fellow Pennsylvanians and all Americans in honoring the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion,” said Senator Casey. “Pennsylvanians contributed significantly to the World War II effort with nearly 1.2 million from the Commonwealth serving in June of 1945. The anniversary of D-Day is a poignant reminder of the tremendous sacrifices our service members make. It is our solemn duty to honor their valor.”

In June 1945, nearly 1.2 million Pennsylvanians were serving or had served in our wartime armed forces. This is second only to New York. The so-called “Arsenal of America,” Pennsylvania’s steel mills supported the massive defense industry required to support Allied troops overseas.

Notably, General George C. Marshall – the chief of staff of the Army during D-Day and one of the architects of the Allied invasion of Europe – was a native of Uniontown, PA. Marshall went on to serve as Secretary of Defense and then State and spearheaded the Marshall Plan. Vice Admiral Alan G. Kirk of Philadelphia led the amphibious forces in the D-Day landings in Sicily, Italy, and Normandy.

At least one PA veteran, Mr. Leslie Palmer Cruise, Jr. from Horsham, PA, will also be in Normandy this week to honor his fallen comrades. Cruise was a Private First Class in the 82nd Airborne during D-Day; he parachuted into France as part of the airborne assault.

Senator Casey has co-sponsored comprehensive legislation that addresses major issues that our Nation’s veterans’ are dealing with on a daily basis including education, employment and benefits claims. These bills work to improve the lives of our Nation’s service members, veterans, their families, and survivors in all these areas. It will also address the current issues at the VA including the ability to remove incompetent senior executives, updating the VA’s scheduling system and providing additional funding to hire more medical professionals.

Photo of Elmer DeLucia taken this past Memorial Day by Kathleen Bove Belleville

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Zippo Commemorates D-Day

Zippo has issued its latest collectible set, honoring the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. Presented in a special gift box and accompanied by a wartime replica brass Acme clicker, or “Cricket”, this set has been created as a tribute to the courage and ingenuity of those who served on 6 June 1944.

The U.S. Army’s 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions, “The Screaming Eagles”, who were the first troops to drop behind enemy lines, were equipped with a Zippo Windproof Lighter and Acme Cricket in addition to their standard battle gear. This gift set is a timely reminder of those who served in one of the world’s most important historical conflicts.

About the commemorative lighter

The design for the 70th Anniversary D-Day Zippo lighter was created by Zippo Design Center artist, Dave Dalton. The artwork depicts the welded iron girders, often referred to as “Czech hedgehogs,” that were half-buried along the Normandy coastline as an anti-tank defense measure and were visible in so many of the gripping images taken by journalists during the invasion. The code names of the landing beaches are revealed and highlighted in the brushed brass finish.

Each lighter is consecutively numbered and production was limited to 7,000 pieces. Vince Montecalvo, Zippo National Sales Manager, noted, “This piece has been a big hit -- Zippo has sold the entire run of the collectible to our distributors, however they are still available at many Zippo retailers, including a very limited supply at the store at Zippo/Case Museum, in Bradford.”

About the Acme Cricket
Montecalvo was responsible for the idea to pair the Acme clicker with the brass lighter for the set. The clicker was called the Cricket, because of the “click-clack” sound it makes. It was a vital tool for paratroopers to be able to identify each other, and these replicas have been made in the very same factory as the original – J Hudson & Company in Birmingham, England. For the first 24 hours of D-Day, “Operation Overlord”, if they saw another soldier, they were to press the toy once “click-clack,” or say “Flash” and the other person was to immediately respond with “click-clack, click-clack” or say “Thunder.” If they didn’t respond, the order was to fire.

Zippo: a wartime heritage
The Zippo lighter, famed for its reliability and durability, was used throughout WWII by soldiers to light campfires, light fuses on explosives, hammer nails, signal to fellow soldiers with the famous Zippo click, heat rations in their helmets, and more. There are even reports from some soldiers that the Zippo lighter saved their lives by deflecting bullets. In fact, Zippo owes much of its worldwide recognition to the thousands of soldiers who carried their Zippo Windproof Lighters into battle. During the war years, Zippo founder George G. Blaisdell dedicated manufacturing efforts to supplying Zippo lighters exclusively to the U.S. military.

The 70th Anniversary set is the fourth D-Day commemorative edition that Zippo has issued. It follows commemoratives released on the 50th, 60th, and 65th anniversaries of the event. The current set was the first to be bilingual, in English and French, representing both the launching and landing countries involved the historic operation.

Pictured, Zippo artist Dave Dalton, left, and sales manager Vince Montecalvo exhibit the 70th Anniversary D-Day collectible recently issued by the firm. The set includes a commemorative brass lighter and a brass Acme Cricket clicker. Both objects were used by allied forces during the D-Day landings on June 6, 1944.
Photos provided by Zippo

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Heroin, Loaded Gun Found in
Home with Small Children

Several bundles of heroin, along with powder heroin that hadn’t been packaged, and a loaded handgun, were found in an apartment where three small children were living.

Jamestown police searched the Spring Street apartment Wednesday afternoon. They say the street value of the heroin is $3,000.

26 year-old Steven Mojica-Medina is charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal possession of a firearm and endangering the welfare of a child.

Police photos

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Accused Trespasser Runs from Police

A Salamanca man is accused of running from police after being caught trespassing on private property.

Sheriff’s deputies say 23-year-old Hunter Tallchief was illegally on the property on Old Route 17 early Wednesday morning.

When police caught up with him, he turned on them and had to be subdued before being taken into custody.

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Man Accused of School Disturbance
Waives Preliminary Hearing

The man who caused a disturbance at GGB Elementary School last week by, among other things, making racially-charged comments, has waived his preliminary hearing in McKean County Central Court.

33-year-old Andrew Hainey of Bradford was in the parking lot swearing and packing around his car shortly after being told he had to sign-in at the school if he wanted to have breakfast with his son. According to court papers, he asked school personnel if he looked like he was from the Middle East, or a terrorist, or if he was carrying an AK-47.

He did sign in, but shortly after that went to the parking lot and started is rant. Hainey, who is serving as his own attorney, is free on bail.

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Incident Outside the Dam Inn

A St. Marys man is facing charges after an incident outside a bar on May 26 in Elk County.

State police say 28-year-old Tyler Howard was asked to leave the Dam Inn in Jones Township and, after he left, he drove his vehicle around the parking lot and hit several other vehicles.

Howard was later arrested at his home and charged with felony criminal mischief.

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PA a Step Closer to Having
Official State Firearm, Aircraft

Whether you think it’s necessary or not, Pennsylvania is one step closer to having an official state firearm.

The House on Wednesday voted 173 to 24 to designate the long rifle as the state’s official firearm because of its historical significance. The gun was manufactured in southeastern Pennsylvania in the 18th and 19th centuries and valued by early settlers for its light weight and accuracy.

Several lawmakers objected to the measure, citing concerns about gun violence and saying it would be an insult to victims. He also said, historically, commercial products have not been recognized by lawmakers as an official symbol for the state.

The long rifle designation was actually an amendment to a bill that would make the J3 Cub the state’s official aircraft.

The single-engine J3 Cub, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, was manufactured in Lock Haven between 1937 and 1947. Originally intended for flight training, it went on to become one of the most popular planes of all time in both civilian and military use.

But, there’s a Bradford connection. That plane’s predecessor, the Taylor E-2 Cub was manufactured in Bradford by Taylor Aircraft and financed by William Piper, who was born in Knapp Creek, New York, and was a Bradford industrialist.

You can see the information about the aircraft and Taylor/Piper on a monument (pictured here) at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, where Taylor Aircraft was located.

As for some other state symbols: milk is the official drink; the flower is the mountain laurel; and the insect is the firefly. The Slinky has been proposed as the state toy. (Sorry, Woolly Willy.)

We hope there’s no debate when and if lawmakers decide Pennsylvania needs an official lighter.

Photos courtesy of Pitt-Bradford

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Go Batty for the Game Commission

The state game commission is looking for help in collecting information about bats.

Commission biologists say the monitoring is especially important because of mortality rates in bat populations in the eastern United States being caused by white-nose syndrome.

Wildlife biologist Nate Zalik says people can help them more fully gauge the impact of white-nose syndrome by hosting a bat count this summer. He says it would be a good project for scout groups, 4-H clubs and local environmental organizations, as well as individual homeowners.

“We are especially urging people who have previously conducted a bat count for the Game Commission to participate again this year. Sites monitored for many years are valuable in assessing bat population trends. However, we also are interested in receiving reports from new surveyors and sites, as identifying the location and size of colonies of WNS survivors is important," Zalik said.

“The little brown bat and the big brown bat are the two species that most often use buildings as their summer roosts,” Zalik said. “Abandoned houses, barns, church steeples, roosting structures constructed specifically for bats, and even currently occupied structures can provide a summer home to female bats and their young.”

Zalik noted that the fieldwork isn’t difficult to do, and Pennsylvanians can play a huge role in helping the Game Commission get a better understanding of what is happening to bats this summer.

“We’re looking for some help, and we hope you’ll consider becoming part of the Appalachian Bat Count monitoring team,” Zalik said. “It’s a chance to make a difference for bats and to get involved in assessing the impact of WNS. Please consider lending a hand. Bats need you more than ever.”

For more information go to the game commission's website: Appalachian Bat Count.

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Bridge Work Scheduled in Turtelpoint

Part of Champlin Hill Road in Turtlepoint will be closed starting Monday so crews can repair a state-owned bridge.

The 200-foot bridge spans the Allegheny River in the village and will get a new deck and beams, along with a small amount of paving.

PennDOT’s official detour is about 8 ½ miles long and will take drivers to Route 155, Route 446 and then back to Champlin Hill Road.

All work is weather dependent.

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Administrative Medical Assistants Graduate

The Potter County Education Council hosted a graduation ceremony for students in the Administrative Medical Assistant Program on May 30.

The five-month program was held in Coudersport through a cooperative effort between Pennsylvania College of Technology at Wellsboro, Cole Memorial Hospital, and the Education Council. Twelve individuals were recognized for completion of the program and are prepared for employment in medical or dental offices, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities. During the graduation ceremony, over 50 percent of the class reported that they have already had interviews or job offers.

Certificates and pins were presented by Brenda Abplanalp, Director of North Campus Outreach Services to: Amber Hilliard, Keeley Lampman, Dawn Lowe, Tonya Miller, Samantha Rennells, Wendy Roys, Natalie Salamone, Blue Scheerer, Kari Stake, Melissa Stanton, and Laurie White. Daisy Scheerer also participated but will receive her certificate at a later date. Laurie White was presented an award for her academic achievement; perfect attendance awards were given to White, Lampman, and Roys. A reception for family and friends was held following the graduation ceremony.

The students completed 400 hours of classroom instruction followed by a 200-hour externship in local medical clinics and physicians’ offices. At the completion of all requirements, students are eligible to take the National Healthcareer Association’s certification exams for Medical Administrative Assisting (CMAA) and Medical Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS).

The next Administrative Medical Assistant Class is scheduled to begin in January 2015. For more information, contact the Education Council at (814) 274-4877.

Pictured, back row, from left: Tonya Miller, Keeley Lampman, Melissa Stanton, Samantha Rennells, Wendy Roys, Laurie White, Daisy Scheerer, and Kari Stake; from row, from left: Dawn Lowe, Natalie Salamone, Blue Scheerer, and Amber Hilliard

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