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Saturday, January 26, 2013

City of Bradford Police Log 1/25/13

City of Bradford Police on Friday investigated a sexual assault on Linwood Avenue. They have not released further information yet. Also on Friday, they investigated accidents on Bank, West Corydon and at Elm and Chestnut streets, as well as thefts on Pearl and High streets. Officers looked into reports of disorderly conduct on Jackson Avenue and Davis Street, and suspicious activity on Cornelius Drive.

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Some Catt County Businesses Need New License

A new law in Cattaraugus County requires businesses that buy secondhand items directly from the public, or from other businesses, to have a license.

The county adopted the “Regulating the Transfer of Secondhand Articles” law in July, and amended it in December. Businesses may apply for a license with the sheriff’s office starting on Friday.

Businesses in the City of Olean are exempt from the new law because a similar ordinance already exists there.

To find out if your business is required to obtain the Transfer of Secondhand Articles license, or to receive an application, call Detective William Welling at 716-983-2276.

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Puppy Buyer Scammed

A Westfield, PA, woman trying to buy a puppy is the victim of a scam.

35-year-old Melissa Knauer tells police she was looking for a puppy online and saw an ad for a free Siberian Husky, made an agreement with the seller and was eventually scammed out of $479.

State police are continuing their investigation, and remind people to be aware of the scam and not wire transfer money overseas to buy a pet.

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Sexual Assault on 4-Year-Old Girl

Coudersport-based police are investigating a report about a 4-year-old girl being sexually assaulted.

The say the incident is believed to have happened between July 15 and August 15 in a home in Genesee Township.

They know who the suspect is but have not named the person.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

City of Bradford Police Log for 1/24/13

City of Bradford Police on Thursday investigated motor vehicle accidents on Davis and West Washington streets, a hit and run on North Center Street, and a theft on Summer Street. Officers also got calls about disturbances on Interstate Parkway and Sherman Street, disorderly conduct on Jefferson Street and harassment on Main Street.

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Snowmobile Hits House in Sherman

No one was hurt when a snowmobile hit a house Thursday afternoon in Sherman, New York.

53-year-old Charles Shaffer of Portland was on a trail in Sherman when the throttle on the snowmobile got stuck, according to sheriff's deputies. While trying to get the snowmobile to stop he hit a large snow pile and was thrown from the machine. The snowmobile kept going through a parking lot, crossed a street and hit the house.

Shaffer was cited for operating a snowmobile without insurance.

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School Emergency Plans, Security Measures
Topics of Upcoming Senate Hearings

Scarnati proposal to be discussed

School emergency plans and security measures designed to ensure student safety and increase school-to-parent communication during an emergency will receive an in-depth review by two key Senate committees Senators Lisa Baker (R-20), Mike Folmer (R-48), and Joe Scarnati (R-25) announced Thursday.

The Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee, chaired by Sen. Baker, and the Education Committee, chaired by Sen. Folmer, will hold the hearing from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 13 in the North Office Building, Hearing Room 1, Harrisburg.

Among the strategies to be discussed is a proposal by Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati to give grants to schools to train and hire armed guards to provide security.

“Every day care, school, college and university must have an emergency plan in place and they need to be able to carry it out,” Baker said. “Law enforcement and other emergency personnel need the training and capacity necessary to prevent or respond to a crisis large or small.”

“In light of the unimaginable tragedy which took place in Newtown last month, it is apparent that the most important thing government can do in order to combat evil is to ensure the greatest level of security possible in our schools,” Scarnati said.

Many school districts across the Commonwealth currently employ armed police and school resource officers.

“Superintendents who have contacted me in the past month have extolled the value of the presence of these brave individuals in their schools, while others have inquired as to where they can procure the funding in order to hire them,” Scarnati explained. “In addition, I have heard from several qualified individuals in my district, who are more than willing to provide this important service to protect our children.”

“Education is the bedrock of both our society and our economy, and safety is the foundation for education and learning,” Folmer added. “Students, teachers, and educators need to know they are safe and parents have a right to know their children are and will be safe.”

Testifiers at the Feb. 13 hearing will include representatives of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, the Pennsylvania State Education Association, the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association, as well as school superintendents, teachers and principals.

“Everyone realizes the necessity of taking action to protect our children,” Baker said. “So many groups taking part in this effort to offer solutions is encouraging.”

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Several Drug Arrests in Bradford

Several Bradford residents were arraigned today for allegedly selling a variety of drugs.

38-year-old Timothy Kloss allegedly sold 30.7 grams of marijuana to a confidential informant on one occasion in May, and 28.1 grams in another incident a couple of days later, according to papers filed in District Judge Dominic Cercone's office.

38-year-old Anita Hubbart is accused of selling fake Ecstasy and cocaine to a confidential informant with the McKean County Drug Task Force back in April, and of selling 34 dihydrocodeine pills to a confidential informant in September of 2011.

51-year-old Daniel Skaggs is accused of selling Dilaudid pills to an informant in July and August on Pike and West Washington streets. 40-year-old Randy Lee Gourley is accused of delivering seven methadone pills to an informant in September at the Hotel Holley. 31-year-old Amber McKinney allegedly sold Ritalin pills in August at a Bank Street home. 30-year-old Steven Devitt allegedly delivered marijuana to an informant in June on Elm Street.

McKinney is jailed in lieu of $5,000 cash bail. The others are free on bail. They are all scheduled for preliminary hearings on January 31.

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Critical Blood Shortage Prompts Blood Drive

A variety of factors have contributed to a sudden, critical blood shortage.

Much heavier than expected blood usage, fewer donors due to the holiday, more donors with the flu, and now the weather have all conspired to create the first blood shortage for the Community Blood Bank in over a year and it's a big one.

The Community Blood Bank is holding a blood drive this Monday January 28, at St. Bernard's Catholic Church located at 95 East Corydon from noon to 5:30 p.m. No appointment is needed to save a life.

"It's everything all at once," said Dan Desrochers, Director of Marketing at the Community Blood Bank. "We just aren't able to get enough donors to meet the local need."

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United Way Announces Grant Recipients

The United Way of the Bradford Area has awarded $6,560 to six local organizations through community innovations grant funding for the first quarter of 2013.

The recipients are: the YWCA’s art program; CARE for Children’s pediatric therapy; McKean County Special Olympics aquatic program; Dickinson Mental Health holiday events; Bradford Ecumenical Home lending library; and McKean County Habitat for Humanity housing production.

Local non-profit, 501(c)3, health and human service agencies may submit a request for up to $1,500 per quarter. This category supports programs, independent of those benefiting from monthly, that have the potential to impact the local community, encourage innovative approaches to meeting health and human service needs, and produce specific and measurable outcomes.

The deadline for 2nd quarter Community Innovation grant applications is April 1, 2013. Applications may be received by visiting United Way’s website at, the United Way office, or by request at
 All applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of United Way Board members, with recommendations being presented to the full board for final approval.

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Possible Re-Use of Insulin Pens at OGH

OLEAN, NY – Olean General Hospital announced today that a careful internal review of hospital insulin pen use raised the possibility that their re-use may have occurred with some patients during the period November 2009 to January 16, 2013.

The hospital has not identified a single patient who ever received an insulin injection from another patient’s insulin pen. Hospital officials also emphasized there is no documentation at this time of the transmission of any blood borne infections during the stay of any patient who received insulin from the pens during this period.

Nonetheless, hospital officials recommend, as a precautionary measure, that those individuals who received insulin from an insulin pen at Olean General Hospital during the time period be tested for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV. The letter to patients also recommends they be retested for HIV three months after their last insulin pen injection at Olean General Hospital and for hepatitis B and hepatitis C six months after their last insulin pen injection at the hospital.

Olean General Hospital, a member of Upper Allegheny Health System, is mailing letters today to 1,915 patients hospitalized at Olean General since November 2009 who received insulin pen injections while at the hospital.

The hospital, which has 186 beds and approximately 280 nurses, has established a call center – 716-375-7590 or 1-888-980-1220 – staffed from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. Patients receiving letters are asked to call to coordinate an appointment for testing or to speak with a nurse at the call center if they have questions of any kind. There will be no charge for any screenings, testing, or counseling provided by Olean General Hospital.

Reusable insulin pens have never been used at Bradford Regional Medical Center, also a member of Upper Allegheny Health System and have been removed from use at Olean General Hospital.

“Recent news stories brought to light problems with the inappropriate re-use of insulin pens at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Buffalo,” said Upper Allegheny Health System President and CEO Timothy J. Finan. “This situation prompted Olean General Hospital to initiate its own review and audit of the use of insulin pens at the hospital. Interviews with nursing staff indicated that the practice of using one patient’s insulin pen for other patients may have occurred on some patients.”

“These pens are used in hospitals across America, and I want to emphasize that we have been unable to identify any specific patients where this occurred and we have no indication of any infections as a result of their use at Olean General Hospital,” he said. “Additionally, the issue here does not involve reuse of insulin pen needles. We are certain that insulin pen needles were not reused because Olean General Hospital has always used special safety needles that cannot be used for more than a single injection. The insulin pen is designed so that it cannot deliver a second dose of insulin with the same needle.”

“We are most apologetic for the inconvenience and concern this matter may cause to our patients,” Finan said.

“The hospital proactively brought these potential concerns to the attention of the New York State Department of Health, and is working with the department as we conduct our review,” Finan said.

“I want to emphasize that we have been unable to identify a single hospitalized patient who ever received an insulin injection from an insulin pen that had been used on another patient,” Finan said. “Regardless, to the extent there may be a chance, however remote, that any patient was provided insulin from an insulin pen other than their own, Olean General Hospital has decided to be proactive and aggressive with respect to notification of our patients. We are very aware that while the risk of infection from insulin pen re-use is extremely small, cross contamination from an insulin pen is possible.”

Insulin pens are devices that contain a reservoir of insulin or an insulin cartridge. They are intended for single person use only, but are designed to provide a patient with multiple insulin injections. The needle on the insulin pen is removable, allowing reuse of the chamber after the insertion of a new sterile needle for each use.

Reports in the media said single insulin pens at the Buffalo Veterans Administration Medical Center were used on multiple patients instead of a single patient. Insulin pens are used at thousands of hospitals across America and also by diabetics at home.

The concern is that a pen’s insulin’s cartridge can potentially become contaminated with biologic material from one patient after an insulin injection. If reused on another patient, it can theoretically transmit infection, even after installation of a new sterile needle, to that patient. The risk of potential infections is considered extremely low, as insulin pens use a small needle with small volume exposure, not involving visible blood and not entering a vessel. Nevertheless, there may be a very small risk that some patients could have been potentially exposed to certain blood borne infections such as hepatitis B virus, (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Audio from Bradford City Council 1/22/13

Listen here.

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Venango County Refinery Cleanup Ushers in
New Round of Development

MEADVILLE -- The Department of Environmental Protection announced today that remediation is complete at the former Rouseville Refinery in Rouseville Borough, Venango County. Pennzoil Quaker State Co. and Calumet Lubricants Inc. conducted the cleanup as part of a consent order and agreement with DEP.

“The remediation and redevelopment of one of the oldest oil refineries in the world is an exciting opportunity for Rouseville and Venango County,” DEP Northwest Regional Director Kelly Burch said. “Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling program provides an achievable and common-sense framework to encourage companies in the cleanup of our industrial past.

“The cooperation and remediation of the Rouseville refinery by Pennzoil Quaker State and Calumet allows a site associated with the birth of the oil industry to re-emerge as a safe and important part of the region’s economic vitality into the future,” Burch said. “All parties involved in the effort to clean up and redevelop the refinery are to be congratulated for their efforts and commitment.”

The century-old oil refinery started operating in the late 1800s and remained in business under a number of different owners until 2002. After DEP inspectors discovered seeps of crude oil and petroleum products in Oil Creek and Cherry Run, initial cleanup activities began in 1990, concentrating on containing the seeps and recovering petroleum products from the groundwater.

More recently, the companies have conducted cleanup work of the soil and groundwater contamination, using the guidance in Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling program. Final remediation efforts at the site included active recovery and treatment of contaminated groundwater and petroleum products; removal and capping of contaminated soils; installation of engineering controls to address the migration and use of groundwater at the site.

DEP has worked extensively in the past several years with a number of potential purchasers of the property to ensure the site is returned to safe and productive use while the remediation was underway. The property is currently being redeveloped by a number of firms, including GOC Property Holdings LLC, Pennewell Sandblasting & Painting, Klapec Express and PA Brine Treatment.

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Several in Catt Co. Court on Drug Charges

Several people appeared in Cattaraugus County Court Tuesday on drug charges.

Dustin Dashnaw of Machias was sentenced to three years in prison for selling a narcotic preparation in the Town of Yorkshire on May 19, 2011. He was also sentenced to three years in prison for breaking into a Town of Machias home on February 8 of last year.

Rodney Doran of Olean was sentenced to three years in prison for possession with intent to sell a controlled substance on March 1, 2012, in Olean.

Corry Wymer of Olean was sentenced to five years’ probation and had his driver’s license revoked for six months for possessing a controlled substance with the intent to sell it on January 21 of last year in Olean.

Kyle Johnson of Buffalo pleaded not guilty to selling heroin and cocaine in the Town of Olean on July 16, 2012.

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Ed Shults Ford Lincoln Receives
'Total Service Satisfaction' Award

Jamestown, NY -- Ed Shults Ford Lincoln announced its selection by Ford Regional Manager, Jake Watkins for the “Total Service Satisfaction Award” in Ford Sales Zone B which consists of 12 area Ford & Lincoln Dealers.

“We are extremely proud of this accomplishment,” said Ed Shults III, General Manager/Dealer Partner, “Last year we set out to be the best Ford and Lincoln dealership in the area, encouraging customers to experience Ed Shults Ford Lincoln. This award not only exemplifies our commitment but shows that our team of dedicated employees work day in and day out with an attention to detail that our customers expect.”

The Shults Auto Group has 15 new car franchises with factory certified service centers, 4 Express Lube locations, 3 Auto Spa’s, 2 collision centers all located in Southwestern New York and Northwestern PA. Shults employs more than 400 people and is an equal opportunity employer. For more information visit

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Oswayo Fish Hatchery Closing

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is closing the Oswayo fish hatchery in Coudersport in a cost-cutting measure.

The commission is also closing the hatchery in Bellefonte in an effort to save $9 million over the next four years. The 18 employees at the hatcheries are not expected to be laid off.

Commission Executive Director John Arway says the closings are necessary to meet future healthcare and retirement obligations for employees, and to pay for infrastructure needs.

The hatcheries won’t be completely closed until the end of 2014. Fish are being raised at both facilities and won’t be ready to stock until the end of this year and spring of next year. Once the fish have been stocked, the facilities will be cleaned and then closed.

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Dueling Gun Rallies in Harrisburg

State Rep. Matt Gabler spoke in support of Second Amendment rights at a rally held Wednesday at the state Capitol in Harrisburg. He was joined by a number of legislators at the event, hosted by "Pennsylvania Responsible Citizens." Also today, hundreds of people attended the Cease Fire Pa. gun control rally. Senator Larry Farnese is introducing legislation that would ban assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines in Pennsylvania.

Photo provided by Gabler's office

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No One Hurt in Portville Fire

Six fire departments battled a blaze on Lillibridge Road in Portville for about three hours this morning.

Portville firefighters say flames were showing from the back of the house when they arrived on the scene at just before 9 a.m.. The homeowners were home, but got out of the house safely. No one was hurt either.

Further information, including a cause of the blaze, will be released by the Cattaraugus County Fire Investigation Team.

Besides Portville, Allegany, Town of Olean, Hinsdale, Westons Mills and Coudersport firefighters were on the scene. Shinglehouse and Cuba firefighters were on standby.

Canine Parvovirus in Bradford

The McKean County SPCA says three cases of canine parvovirus have been reported in Bradford in the last three weeks, and are asking that dog owners make sure their pets are up to date on their shots.

The disease is highly contagious and is spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces. It can either be in cardiac or intestinal form, with the cardiac form causing respiratory or cardiovascular failure in puppies, and the intestinal form causing severe vomiting and dysentery.

Canine parvovirus will not infect humans.

The SPCA suggests that anyone with questions or concerns contact their veterinarian.

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House Fire in Portville

Firefighters from New York and Pennsylvania started battling a blaze at just before 9 o’clock this morning on Lillibridge Road in Portville.

The Portville Fire Department was called at 8:48 a.m. to 1410 Lillibridge. Tankers were requested from Allegany, Clarksville, Town of Olean and Hinsdale. Westons Mills firefighters were first asked to standby, but were later called to the scene.

Shinglehouse firefighters were also called to the scene, and Coudersport is covering the Shinglehouse station.

A Portville-area resident tells us many people on Lillibridge Road use wood-burning stoves. We are not sure yet of the cause of the fire, but will keep you updated.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Young Reacts to NY Budget Address

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Ex-Teacher Sentenced for
Inappropriate Relationship with Girl

The former Salamanca Area High School teacher who had an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl has been sentenced to six months behind bars.

39-year-old Shane Riethmiller of Dunkirk exchanged nude pictures with the girl over a three-month period in 2011 when he was a science teacher at the school.

He will be on probation for five years after he’s released, and must also surrender his teaching certificate and register as a Level 1 sex offender.

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Warren Gets PENNVEST Money for
Wastewater Treatment Facility

The City of Warren today has been awarded $24 million through a grant and low interest loan to complete a wastewater treatment plant and pump stations improvement project that will protect local water supplies, according to Senator Joe Scarnati.

Scarnati said this major funding initiative was awarded through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) program. The total amount of the project is $24,525,000. Of that amount $4,508,277 of the funding will be awarded as a grant, $19,491,723 in the form of a low interest loan and $525,000 from the local contribution.

The City of Warren’s wastewater treatment facility serves four municipalities. This extensive improvement project will bring the City of Warren into compliance with Pennsylvania’s Clean Water Act and Clean Streams Act. According to Scarnati, the project will promote local economic development through the creation of 100 new jobs.

The project will also deeply impact the community by providing for updates to the system to eliminate residents and local business owners from experiencing sewage backups into basements of homes and commercial buildings, which have occurred during severe wet weather events.

“This PENNVEST financing is an extremely significant investment in our region,” Scarnati said. “The project provides for crucial updates that will protect our local water supplies and public health and ensure that our streams are not polluted. I am confident that these important modernizations to the wastewater treatment plant and pump stations will strengthen local infrastructure and protect our environment.”

The PENNVEST program is funded through the use of federal support and prior bond issues by the state.

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Report: Beer is Big Business in PA

A new legislative report says the number of breweries in Pennsylvania doubled over a recent 10-year period, and suggests lawmakers make some changes that would help the industry grow even further.

The Legislative Budget and Finance Committee study released today found more than 100 breweries operating at the end of 2011. The study goes on to say that Pennsylvania breweries have a direct impact on the state's economy of more than $1 billion.

The study says more people are investing in plants and equipment, and more brewery-related workers are being hired.

The committee suggests changes to the Liquor Code in response to the boom in craft breweries.

To celebrate the findings of the report, mark February 2 on your calendar so you remember to attend the first-ever Bradford Brewfest at St. Bernard’s Auditorium.

To read a copy of the report go here. PDF

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Cuomo Budget Includes No New Taxes

Governor Andrew Cuomo today proposed a $137 billion state budget that would increase spending by about 2 percent, but would not increase taxes.

The budget proposal provides 4.4 percent more aid to schools and would fund his proposal to improve instruction, including longer school days and school years. Cuomo also mentioned the $60 million deal the state made to keep the Buffalo Bills in New York. The state will contribute to renovating Ralph Wilson Stadium and to annual support for the operation.

“All I can tell you is that for $60 million the Bills better win this year, my friends,” Cuomo said, smiling. “Talk about performance funding.”

The proposal now goes to the Legislature, where hearings will be held on many of the items in the budget. Cuomo and Legislative leaders will then try to negotiate a final budget plan by the April 1 start of the fiscal year.

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Scarnati to Propose 'Safe Schools' Legislation

Senator Joe Scarnati sent the following memo to his Senate colleagues this morning regarding school safety:

In the near future I will be introducing legislation to provide targeted grants to Pennsylvania schools in order to address the issue of school violence and improve school safety. This proposal will expand and enhance the current Safe Schools Grant program offered by the Office for Safe Schools within the Pennsylvania Department of Education. In addition, a new program will be established, within the Office for Safe Schools, to provide dedicated grant funding to school entities for the purpose of training and hiring armed guards to provide security for their schools.

The unimaginable tragedy which took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut last month has generated a nationwide discussion on the issue of school safety. It is apparent that the most important thing Government can do in order to combat evil individuals, like the mass-murderer who took so many innocent lives in Newtown, is to ensure the greatest level of security possible is provided for our schools.

Many school districts across the Commonwealth currently employ armed police and school resource officers who provide vital protection for our school administrators, teachers and students. Superintendents who have contacted me in the past month have extolled the value of the presence of these brave individuals in their schools, while others have inquired as to where they can procure the funding in order to hire them. In addition, I have heard from several qualified individuals, in my district, who are more than willing to provide this important service to protect our children.

Currently, approximately $500,000 a year is awarded in Safe Schools Targeted Grants. My proposal would increase that amount to a total of $10 million per year. Schools would be authorized to use the funding for a myriad of other school safety purposes in addition to armed security, including: security planning and purchase of security-related devices such as metal detectors, surveillance equipment, electronic locks and deadbolts, risk assessment and violence prevention curricula and plans, as well as conflict resolution and dispute management programs.

This Safe Schools Program represents an important first step in addressing the issue of violence in our schools and achieving the ultimate goal of keeping our children safe.

Please join me in co-sponsoring this important piece of legislation.

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City of Bradford Police Log 1/21/13

City of Bradford Police on Monday were called to disturbances on Elm and Boylston streets and on Bon Air Avenue. They also looked into a domestic incident on Jerome Avenue and a report of harassment on Rochester Street. They investigated a motor vehicle accident on East Street and a theft on Main Street, and dealt with traffic and parking problems on Cornen Street.

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Video Captures Theft from Store

A Randolph, New York, man is facing charges for stealing from the Peaches and Cream store in Randolph.

32-year-old Brian Green was caught on video taking about $28 in cash and six bags of corn valued at about $42, according to sheriff's deputies.

The allegedly incidents happened at just before noon on January 3 and at around 10:40 a.m. on January 9. Green was issued an appearance ticket for Town of Randolph Court.

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Kane Man Hurt in Head-On Crash

A Kane man suffered major injuries in a two-vehicle head-on crash Monday afternoon on Route 321.

State police say an SUV driven by 59-year-old Robert Moore Jr. crossed the center line and hit a tractor-trailer dump truck driven by 34-year-old Christopher Kline of Kersey.

Moore was taken to Elk Regional Health Center for treatment. Kline suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

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Man Charged After Ellicottville Incident

An Ohio man was sent to jail after an incident on Route 219 in Ellicottville Friday night.

Sheriff’s deputies say 56-year-old Christopher Fogle of Westerville made an improper right turn, drove on the sidewalk near Valerian Way, and cut off oncoming traffic when driving back onto the road.

When deputies stopped him they saw a plastic cup with an alcoholic beverage in it in the center console of the vehicle. After giving him field sobriety tests, deputies charged Fogle with aggravated driving while intoxicated, because his blood alcohol content was more than .18, percent. They also charged him with consumption of alcohol in a motor vehicle and a number of traffic violations. His bail was set at $2,500.

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