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Saturday, October 26, 2013

... Chats with Anne Holliday

Syndicated columnist and magazine contributor Robert Grede chats with Anne Holliday about the 3rd edition of his book "Naked Marketing."

Listen here.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Looking for Something to Do This Weekend?

You can find even more activities at


Discover the Tuna Valley Trails

Make a terrarium

Learn to knit or do woodworking

Visit a nursing home

Read a book

Use your imagination

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AAA 'Scares Up' Some Halloween Tips

As Halloween approaches, AAA East Central reminds parents, trick-or-treaters and motorists to observe some important safety tips when they are out in the evening during the next several days.

“Because excited trick-or-treaters often forget about safety, motorists and parents must be even more alert,” said Terri Rae Anthony, safety advisor, AAA East Central. “Drivers should to be especially vigilant between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight, when pedestrians are most vulnerable,” she added.

Here are some tips for parents and drivers to help keep children safe this Halloween:


AAA recommends that parents accompany young trick-or-treaters at least until the age of 12.
Since children are small and often hard to see even in well-lit situations, it is important to be sure a child’s Halloween costume is flame-retardant and visible with retro-reflective material.
Choose disguises that don't obstruct vision and opt for non-toxic face paint instead of masks. Check and adjust the length of costumes to avoid tripping.
Review trick-or-treating precautions, including pedestrian and traffic safety rules.
Plan and discuss the route your trick-or-treaters will follow. Teach children to stop only at well-lit houses and to never enter a stranger’s home or garage.
Parents and trick-or-treaters should cross streets only at the corner, and never between parked cars or mid-block. Be sure that approaching cars come to a complete stop before stepping into the roadway.


Slow down in residential neighborhoods and obey all traffic signs and signals. Drive at least 5 mph below the posted speed limit to give yourself extra time to react to children who may dart into the street.
Watch for children walking on roadways, medians and curbs. In dark costumes, they’ll be harder to see at night.
Look for children crossing the street. They may not be paying attention to traffic and cross the street mid-block or between parked cars.
Carefully enter and exit driveways and alleys.
Turn on your headlights to make yourself more visible – even in the daylight.
Broaden your scanning by looking for children left and right into yards and front porches.
Keep your eyes on the road at all times. Remove any distractions that may you’re your attention away from driving, such as cell phones or in-car entertainment and navigation systems.

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Muslim-American Scholar to Speak at
St. Bonaventure Spirit of Assisi Service

St. Bonaventure University will welcome Dr. Khalid J. Qazi, clinical professor of medicine at the University at Buffalo, as its guest speaker for an interfaith prayer service at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30, in the University Chapel.

The service will be held in honor of the first World Day of Prayer for Peace, or the Spirit of Assisi. On Oct. 27, 1986, Pope John Paul II led the first World Day of Prayer for Peace in Assisi, Italy, home of the founder of the Franciscan friars, St. Francis, to celebrate the unity amongst all people. This is St. Bonaventure’s third annual celebration of the Spirit of Assisi. This year’s theme is “widening the circle of friends.”

Representatives of many faiths, including the Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu, Baha’i and Christian communities, will also participate in the service to emphasize this event’s celebration of diversity.

Qazi, a native of Kashmir, has worked in the Buffalo area since 1977, promoting diversity and the advancement of civil rights for American Muslims. He was named an Outstanding Citizen by the Buffalo News in 2002 for his efforts to promote understanding of Muslim culture.

In addition to teaching at the University at Buffalo, Qazi also serves as president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council of Western New York. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles, the Independent Health Foundation and United Way of Buffalo and Erie County. He also received St. Bonaventure’s Gaudete Medal in March for exemplifying the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi for his community work.

The Spirit of Assisi event at St. Bonaventure is coordinated by Sr. Suzanne Kush, C.S.S.F.

“The Spirit of Assisi is an opportunity for us to come together as a community,” said Kush. “It is an expression of the inherent belief of the dignity of each human person. In prayer, while words and expressions may vary, we express one desire to live in peace and to embrace each other as sister and brother. As persons of various traditions gather in Assisi, Italy, the City of Peace, may we who gather to pray for peace and unity create a rippling effect of ‘widening the circle’ of friendship that will reach out far beyond us.”

Fr. Francis Di Spigno, O.F.M., executive director of University Ministries at SBU, said, “when we widen our circle of friends, we lose nothing of ourselves but gain the insight of someone who sees our self, the world and God, from a different perspective. If our goal is to understand and grow in knowledge then why would we not seek that with everything that God gives us? The people who are not like us, hold different beliefs than us, look differently than we do, only add to the richness that is ours.”

The Spirit of Assisi, he said, is the celebration of the unity that exists among all of God’s creation.

“For me, one of the most appealing aspects of St. Francis was that he was able to build bridges between his brothers and sisters to all of creation, including the Sultan and his Muslim brothers in Egypt. St. Francis was able to speak with everyone, and no one was afraid to speak with him. It is our hope that The Spirit of Assisi will continue to remove fear from our hearts and minds so that we can truly see all of creation as being in relationship as brother and sister,” said Fr. Francis.

Some of those who plan to participate Wednesday shared their thoughts about the prayer service.

“Each of the great world’s religions teach The Golden Rule: Treat all others as you would wish to be treated. If we take this basic teaching to heart, would we not widen our circle of friends, cease thinking of others as ‘enemies,’ and, so, establish genuine peace?” added Richard Reilly, Ph.D. Reilly is president of the Board of Directors of the Olean Meditation Center and a philosophy professor emeritus at SBU.

Anne Goergen, a member of Temple B’nai Israel of Olean and director of prospect research at SBU, said, “I am happy that we are continuing the ideals from the first Spirit of Assisi at St. Bonaventure. The Olean area has embraced interfaith dialogue and has been ‘widening the circle’ since 9/11. It’s good that the university has taken a role to foster this movement.”

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'Heather has Two Mommies' Author to
Speak at Pitt-Bradford Tuesday

LeslĂ©a Newman, the prolific poet and children’s book author who wrote “Heather has Two Mommies” will give two talks Tuesday, Oct. 29, at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

At noon, she will present “It Takes a Village to Raise a Children’s Book Writer.” At 7:30 p.m., she will present “He Continues to Make a Difference: The Story of Matthew Shepard.” Both presentations will take place in the Mukaiyama University Room and are free and open to the public.

Newman is the author of more than 40 books for children and young adults, including “Heather has two Mommies,” the first children’s book to portray lesbian families in a positive way. Other popular youth titles include “Hachiko Waits,” “Fat Chance” and “A Sweet Passover.”

The evening program uses poetry, photographs and creative visualization to explore the impact of Matthew Shepard’s murder on the world. In 1998, Shepard was kidnapped, robbed, beaten and murdered in Laramie, Wyo.

Newman was the keynote speaker for the Gay Awareness Week at the University of Wyoming that year and arrived on campus the day that Shepard died. She spoke to a devastated campus and community and vowed to work to erase hate from that day forward.

Her most recent book, “October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard” explores the impact of Shepard’s murder in a cycle of 68 poems written as fictional monologues in a variety of voices, including the fence he was tied to, the stars that watched over him and a doe who kept him company.

She is the author of many books for adults that deal with lesbian identity, Jewish identity and the intersection between the two. Other topics she explores include AIDS, eating disorders and sexual abuse. Her award-winning short story “A Letter to Harvey Milk” has been made into a film and adapted for the stage.

Newman’s visit is part of Pitt-Bradford’s Spectrum arts series. It is co-sponsored by the Women’s Studies program and the LGBTS Alliance.

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Man Allegedly Stole Vehicle

A man is accused of stealing a John Deere utility vehicle and then leaving it in a ditch.

State police say they believe 22-year-old Patrick Gallagher of Wellsville stole the 2008 John Deere Gator from Otis Eastern Service early Thursday morning and then traveled into Steuben County before abandoning it in a ditch in the Town of Howard.

Gallagher is charged with grand larceny and is in Allegany County Jail in lieu of bail.

Pictured, a John Deere similar to the one that was stolen.

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Two Fatal Crashes This Morning

Two people were killed in separate crashes this morning.

State police say 56-year-old Brenda Boyer of DuBois died in a head-on crash on Route 36 in Jefferson County at just before 7 a.m. when a car driven by 19-year-old Taylor Cudworth of Sigel crossed the center line.

Cudworth was taken to UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh for treatment of major injuries.

Two hours later in Forest County, 67-year-old John Zang of Butler was driving on Route 62 in Tionesta Township when his pickup truck went out of control, hit an embankment and rolled over.

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Bradford's New Fire Truck

Sutphen Corporation posted this picture of the City of Bradford Fire Department's new truck (along with some firefighters) this morning. This truck replaces the 1976 Ward La France truck that is obsolete. But if you'd like the Ward La France, you can bid on it. Minimum bid is $2,500.

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Man Allegedly Had Sex with Teen

A 24-year-old Bradford man is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Max Sutley took the girl, her brother and another girl four-wheeling near Garlock Hollow at around noon on July 3, but she said she didn’t feel well and went to Sutley’s garage, where there was a bunk bed, so she could lie down, according to papers filed in District Judge Rich Luther’s office.

The girl asked Sutley to get in bed with her, which he did. Eventually they had intercourse. Then they went back to four-wheeling and, at around, 11 p.m., he took her back to Bradford.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

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Taglianetti Trial Update

The wife of accused killer Anthony “Rob” Taglianetti admitted during cross examination in his murder trial that she had lied in court documents.

Today, Mary Taglianetti said that in divorce papers she said she had lived in New York State for two years when it actually only been a few weeks.

Public defender Ned Barone, in his opening statement, called Mary Taglianetti a liar and a master manipulator, but didn’t say why that has anything to do with her husband shooting Keith Reed Jr. three times at point blank range on September 21 of last year.

Mary Taglianetti testified yesterday that she and Reed sent sexually explicit emails to each other and that her husband got into her email account and saw one exchange. She also said her husband sent emails to Reed and that one of them said he would find out what school system Reed worked for and take action. She also said she contacted Reed, telling him that her husband Googled his name and she was worried that he was going to go to the school and find him.

Taglianetti did go to the Clymer School District office on the day of the murder. Reed was the district superintendent but was not in the building when Taglianetti was there.

Also, she told the court that her husband emailed Reed to tell him to leave his wife alone. The week of the murder, Reed sent an email back telling both of the Taglianetti’s to leave him alone.

After she was excused as a witness, a U.S. Marshall and a sheriff's deputy from Virginia testified about spotting Rob Taglianetti in Virginia's Shenandoah National Park eight days after the murder.

This is day four of the trial that could last up to a month.

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The news leader of the Twin Tiers ... since 1947

City of Bradford Police Log for 10/24/13

City of Bradford Police investigated motor vehicle accidents on Main, Elm and Boylston streets and criminal mischief on Jefferson Street. Officers also got reports of disorderly conduct on Interstate Parkway and harassment on West Washington, Summer and East Main streets.

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Man Hurt in One-Car Crash Near James City

A Pittsburgh man was hurt in a crash at 9 o’clock this morning on Route 66, south of James City in Highland Township.

State Police say 22-year-old Austin Reams was traveling north when he got distracted and his car left the road and hit an embankment.

Reams was treated on the scene by Kane Ambulance personnel, and was cited for careless driving.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Agencies Partner for Riverbank Conservation Project Near Port Allegany

PennDOT, the McKean County Conservation District and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission have partnered to stabilize the Allegheny River’s south bank near the Moose Park in Port Allegany.

Using an Agility agreement, which allows an exchange of services with partners to save time and money, PennDOT is providing the labor force and equipment in partnership with the McKean County Commissioners. The agreement ensured that the Conservation District did not have to hire an outside labor force, saving money that can be used on future projects.

“Everybody wins on this,” said PennDOT District Executive Kevin Kline. “The agencies involved save money and time. Area residents get an improved riverbank in Moose Club Park that extends the park’s useful life, and we help protect river habitats for years to come.”

Crews will be on site throughout this week to improve the eroded bank and protect it from further erosion.

Also as part of the project, the McKean County Conservation District is providing the logs, rocks, mulch and other materials, while staff from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission assisted with designing and installation of the project’s structures. The structures include rock vane deflectors, which slow water flow and lessen erosion, and modified mud sill cribs, which provide overhead cover and redirect stream energy to create pools for river habitat.

“The fishing experience on the river will improve as these devices greatly improve aquatic habitat,” said Heather McKean, the District Watershed Conservationist. “Fish will benefit as the sedimentation is decreased and cover is provided by this and similar projects.”

The project has been in development for three years, with increased progress beginning last year. When the embankment improvement is complete, the Conservation District can enter the winter season assured that forthcoming snow and spring melting will not bring further erosion damage to the river bank.

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Thomas Merton to be Topic of
2013 Ignatius Brady Lecture

Thomas Merton will be the subject when St. Bonaventure University alumnus Fr. Daniel Horan, O.F.M., returns to campus Thursday, Nov. 7, to deliver the 2013 Ignatius Brady Lecture.

Horan’s talk, “A Franciscan in Blue Jeans: How Thomas Merton Became and Remained a True Franciscan,” will take place at 4:30 p.m. at the University Chapel in Doyle Hall.

Horan will speak of Merton’s time at St. Bonaventure and the role of the Franciscan tradition in Merton’s life, even after he entered the Trappist Order. He will also address the deep-seated Franciscan philosophical and theological foundations of Merton’s life, thought, and writings.

Horan graduated from St. Bonaventure University in 2005 and is pursuing a doctorate in theology at Boston College. He has published both scholarly and popular articles, including the much talked about “Dating God: Live and Love in the Way of St. Francis (2012).” He serves on the board of directors of the International Thomas Merton Society and writes the blog “Dating God.”

The Ignatius Brady Lecture is free and open to the public and is sponsored by the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University.

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Pitt-Bradford, Bradford Family YMCA
Start Kids' Fitness Program

The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford’s health and physical education program is working with the Bradford Family YMCA to provide a new youth fitness program.

The program, Kids in the Community, is being offered to YMCA members in grades 3 through 8 from 4 to 5 p.m. Thursdays at the YMCA. It is designed for students with an above-average body mass index who are at risk for obesity.

Dr. Shelly Klinek, visiting assistant professor of health and physical education, and Chris Sherwin, YMCA youth and sports coordinator, will run the program with the help of health and physical education students from Pitt-Bradford.

The program incorporates fun, fitness games, information, and activities that raise awareness to families and children about their overall health.

Klinek developed a similar program for the New Castle YMCA when she was a member of the faculty at Slippery Rock University.

“This was a fantastic and successful after-school program,” Klinek said. “I wanted to bring this program to Pitt-Bradford and Bradford.”

Klinek has more than 25 years of experience teaching health and physical education and has done research in brain-based learning and movement.

Sherwin said, “I think it’s great that the Y and Pitt-Bradford can work together. The Pitt-Bradford students have done a great job working with the kids.”

The program began Sept. 12, but kids can still join by having their parents contact Sherwin at the YMCA at (814)368-6101 or

Pictured, Pitt-Bradford health and physical education majors Nick Walker (in blue) of Clearfield, Andrea Gundlach (in black and white) of Westfield, N.Y., and Oliva Taylor of Shaker Heights, Ohio, (in orange and black) working with youth at the Bradford Family YMCA as part of the new Kids in the Community program.

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Area Water Companies Get Money

Two facilities in the 25th Senatorial District have been awarded a total of $3.145 million in low-interest loans to make major improvements to their water systems, according to Senator Joe Scarnati (R-25).

Scarnati said the loans were awarded through the state’s PENNVEST Program. The Emporium Water Company in Emporium, Cameron County, and the Huston Township Water Authority in Penfield, Clearfield County were selected to receive the funding.

Emporium Water Company will utilize its $2.5 million loan to complete updates, including installation of a 10,000 gallon finished water tank, pump station and waterline in the Sylvan Heights area. A 500,000 gallon finished water tank and transmission will also be constructed near Britton Road in Shippen Township. The project includes rehabilitation of the Wheaton tank and system-wide upgrades as well.

Huston Township Water Authority will use its $645,000 loan to install 18,550 feet of 8-inch plastic water mains, a new concrete meter pit, eight fire hydrants and water line appurtenances.

“This PENNVEST financing is a substantial investment within our region,” Scarnati said. “The loans will help supply needed funding to ensure that area residents have access to clean water, while helping to create job growth. Both projects provide for crucial updates that will aide with protecting our local water supplies and public health.”

The state’s PENNVEST Program provides low-interest loans and grants for the design, engineering and construction of drinking water distribution facilities, storm water conveyance and wastewater treatment and collection systems.

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Men are Victims of Scams

Two elderly men are victims of scams that are making their way through the region again.

State police say 86-year-old Harold Howard of Port Allegany was convinced by someone that he won $5 million and a car, but had to pay to have the car transferred to him. He sent large sums of money but didn’t receive any money or a car in return.

82-year-old Junior Baker of Genesee was contacted by a person who told him he needed to pay for his grandson’s legal fees. He sent a large amount of money and later realized it was a scam.

Anyone with information on either of these scams is asked to contact Coudersport-based state police.

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Cliff Jarrabet

Clifford W. Jarrabet, loving father, grandfather and brother, 63, formerly of 67 Jackson Ave., passed away Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at The Pavilion at BRMC.

Born in February 3, 1950, in Brooklyn, NY, he was a son the late Leon J. and Veronica M. (Armitage) Jarrabet.

He was a 1968 graduate of Connetquot High School in Bohemia, NY.

Prior to moving to Bradford, he worked in the New York City area as a truck driver for Entenmann's Bakery and as an auto mechanic.

In 1973, he moved to Bradford and worked for Paterniti Lumber Company for a number of years. He joined the Bradford City Police Force in July of 1981 and served as an officer until he was promoted to Detective in 1992. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1995 and retired from duty in 2009.

In addition to serving on the police force, Mr. Jarrabet worked several different jobs during his career, including, Tops Markets in shipping, Zippo Manufacturing in Security and for the Bradford City Water Authority.

He was a member of St. Bernard Church and the William Hanley Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police for many years.

He is survived by two daughters, Bernadette Jarrabet, of Woonsocket, RI and Claudette Haner, of Bradford; seven grandchildren, Eddy Jarrabet, Deion Jarrabet, Noah Upshur, Hannah Upshur, Jonathan Upshur, Sierra Campbell and Nick Haner; three sisters, Barbara Edwards, of Andover, NY, Veronica Edwards, of Allen, TX and Frances Jarrabet, of Bradford; a brother, Leon Jarrabet, of Montreal, Quebec; a brother in law, Nathan Edwards of Cuba, NY; his former wife, Carol Jarrabet of Bradford and her children, David Frenz, Richard Frenz and Traci Frenz and several cousins, nieces and nephews.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by one sister, Virginia Edwards.

Friends are invited to attend a Mass of Christian Burial in St. Bernard Church at 2:00 PM, Friday, October 25, 2013 with Rev. Raymond Gramata, pastor as Celebrant. Committal services and mausoleum entombment will follow in St. Bernard Cemetery. Memorial contributions, if desired, can be made to the Zachary P. Vigliotti Scholarship Fund, PO Box 434, Bradford, or to the charity of the donor's choice.

Arrangements are under the direction of the Hollenbeck-Cahill Funeral Homes, Inc.

Fake Doctor Settles with State

A settlement has been reached in the case of the man who practiced medicine without a license in Wellsville, and illegally billed Medicaid for his services.

53-year-old Anthony Hudson of Dearborn, Michigan, was sentenced earlier this week to a year in jail and was ordered to pay more than $20,000 in restitution.

Today’s settlement says he must repay $300,000 for the Medicaid payments made to him and other healthcare providers for services he provided and ordered between December 1, 2009, and May 7, 2010.

A wrongful death civil lawsuit is still going on regarding the case of a 5-year-old Wellsville girl who died shortly after being treated by Hudson.

“No matter how elaborate the lie or cunning the criminal, those who attempt to defraud the healthcare system in our state will be brought to justice,” said Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. “Misrepresentation of one’s credentials as a medical professional to make money is a detriment to taxpayers and dangerous to patients. My office is dedicated to tracking down those who would abuse the system and preserving the integrity of Medicaid.”

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Five Seriously Hurt in Route 219 Crash

Five people were seriously hurt in a two-car head-on collision this morning on Route 219 near Browntown Road.

Bradford Township Police Chief Rob Shipman says a vehicle driven by Carol Mix of Kane was traveling south when, for unknown reasons, it crossed the center line and hit a northbound vehicle driven by Ralph Tressler of Jefferson, Ohio.

Mix was first taken to Kane Community Hospital but will be taken to UPMC Hamot in Erie. Tressler and his passengers, Diane Tressler, Roland Ferguson and Louise Ferguson were first taken to local hospital but the Fergusons and Diane Tressler will be taken to ECMC in Buffalo. The Fergusons are also from Jefferson.

Shipman said that although everyone suffered serious injuries none of them appear to be life-threatening. Shipman is still investigating and will release more information later today.

The accident happened at just before 11 a.m. Route 219 from Irvine Street in Lewis Run to Route 770 in Custer City was closed until about 1 o'clock this afternoon.

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Alleged Ticket Scammer Waives Hearing

The Bradford woman accused of running a concert ticket scam on Craigslist has waived her preliminary hearing.

37-year-old Menda Lechiara is accused of posting on Craigslist that she had tickets for Big Time Rush and One Direction concerts for sale, when she didn’t actually have the tickets, according to court papers.

She was contacted by four people who wanted the tickets. She was caught on CVS Pharmacy surveillance video picking up money for the tickets.

She’s free on unsecured bail.

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Former Library Director Gets Probation for
Stealing Thousands of Dollars

The former director of the Oswayo Valley Memorial Library will spend the next two years on probation for stealing thousands of dollars from the library.

40-year-old Tammyann Ray, who now lives in Syracuse, bought more than $8,000 worth electronics, sports memorabilia and clothes with the money she stole from the library between November of 2007 and August of 2011. Ray has also been ordered to pay back the money.

Police started their investigation after the library’s board of directors and staff conducted an internal audit that revealed discrepancies in the library’s purchases and its inventory.

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Fire Destroys Weedville Home

Two men were able to escape from their Weedville house before it was destroyed by fire late Wednesday night.

Firefighters say the blaze at the River Road home of Dennis Celinski and Curtis Piszenski started at about 11:30 p.m. Firefighters were on the scene until about 6 o’clock Thursday morning.

Route 255 was closed between Caledonia and Weedville while firefighters were battling the blaze. Flames damaged Windstream Fiber Optic Cable and West Penn Power Lines, causing a telephone outage in the area.

One firefighter suffered a minor injury. He was taken by ambulance to Elk Regional Health Center, where he was treated and released, according to state police fire marshal Greg Agosti.

The Red Cross provided food, clothing and shelter to Celinski and Piszenski.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

The news leader of the Twin Tiers ... since 1947