Taglianetti Trial Update

The wife of accused killer Anthony “Rob” Taglianetti admitted during cross examination in his murder trial that she had lied in court documents.

Today, Mary Taglianetti said that in divorce papers she said she had lived in New York State for two years when it actually only been a few weeks.

Public defender Ned Barone, in his opening statement, called Mary Taglianetti a liar and a master manipulator, but didn’t say why that has anything to do with her husband shooting Keith Reed Jr. three times at point blank range on September 21 of last year.

Mary Taglianetti testified yesterday that she and Reed sent sexually explicit emails to each other and that her husband got into her email account and saw one exchange. She also said her husband sent emails to Reed and that one of them said he would find out what school system Reed worked for and take action. She also said she contacted Reed, telling him that her husband Googled his name and she was worried that he was going to go to the school and find him.

Taglianetti did go to the Clymer School District office on the day of the murder. Reed was the district superintendent but was not in the building when Taglianetti was there.

Also, she told the court that her husband emailed Reed to tell him to leave his wife alone. The week of the murder, Reed sent an email back telling both of the Taglianetti’s to leave him alone.

After she was excused as a witness, a U.S. Marshall and a sheriff's deputy from Virginia testified about spotting Rob Taglianetti in Virginia's Shenandoah National Park eight days after the murder.

This is day four of the trial that could last up to a month.

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The news leader of the Twin Tiers ... since 1947


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