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Great Ways to Keep Your Kids Interested in Reading ...

I had the pleasure of chatting with authors Preston Rice and TK Bethea (separately) recently. You can hear the interviews here: Preston, and his brother Brock, have written these adventure stories to help promote good behavior and outdoor play for young children. The latest is "Little Forces and the Haunted House," just in time for Halloween. TK Bethea has written about a single dad and his son who adopt a dog, Doc Holliday, who overhears a conversation that makes him think the father and son don't want him, so he sets off to find his birth parents. You can also go to for lots of very cool surprises.

Shakespeare's 'Othello' at St. Bonaventure

The St. Bonaventure University Department of Visual and Performing Arts will host the National Players production of Shakespeare’s “Othello” on Monday, Oct. 30, at 7:30 p.m. in the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts. The production is part of the department’s Martine Performing Arts Series, designed to bring a broader variety of music, theater and dance to the university community and selected by the faculty-artists of SBU’s music and theater programs. “Othello” is the story of a celebrated black general returning home from war and the hatred he encounters because of his race. His most trusted aide, Iago, devises a plot to ruin him. Soon, Othello and his loving wife, Desdemona, are caught in a terrifying trap of lies and murder. In the National Players’ production, directed by the company’s artistic director Jason King Jones, “Othello” is given a contemporary design. Shakespeare’s brilliant words combine with the resonance of identity and racial tension to transform “Othello” i…