Republicans Offer Solutions to Energy Crisis

Congressman John E. Peterson, R-Pa., along with the Republican Conference, unveiled a solutions based approach to solving our nation’s energy crisis, at a press conference on the steps of the U.S. Capitol this morning. Peterson, who has been sounding the alarm on a looming energy crisis for over six years, issued the following statement:

“With the price at the pump reaching a new record high daily, and the cost of natural gas soaring, Americans are sick and tired of this do-nothing Congress. From rural America to the big cities, Americans are struggling to cope with the rising cost of energy. Americans deserve a solutions based approach – not the finger pointing Democrats are accustomed to – to help alleviate the burden on senior citizens, the working poor, small business, and middle-class America. House Republicans have waited 18 months for Speaker Pelosi to bring energy production legislation to the floor; yet, all we get is tax and blame legislation.

“The solutions based approach Republicans rolled out today hits all aspects of the energy spectrum: increased domestic production of oil and natural gas, clean coal and advanced nuclear technology, increased efficiency and conservation, expanded investment in renewables, and cutting the bureaucratic red tape in Washington to allow refining and infrastructure expansion to occur. Folks, as simple and realistic as this proposal sounds, there is extreme opposition from Speaker Pelosi to even debate these issues in committee or on the House floor.

“The American people should know that extreme environmentalists are holding the energy resources of this country hostage. These unfounded fears and the influence of a small minority continue to force the price of energy to record highs. The aforementioned approach, proposed by the House Republicans, invites all Americans, Republican, Democrat and Independents, to join us in urging the Democratic Leadership in both the House and Senate to bring energy production legislation to the floor for debate.

“In my nearly four decades in public service, I am hard pressed to find an elected official or private citizen that that wants to harm the environment. I am confident, that with current technology, the will of the American people, and a solutions based approach, America can overcome any crisis, including the one we currently face, and increase domestic production of energy in an environmentally friendly manor.”


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