Oil, Gas Drilling Hearing

WHITESVILLE, NY — The state Department of Environment Conservation will hold a hearing on a controversial oil and gas well drilling proposal at 1 p. m. Tuesday in Whitesville Central School.

East Resources of Warrendale, Pa., is asking permission to drill as many as 6,000 wells in the Fulmer Valley sandstone in the Whitesville Field, a 20,000- acre area that includes parts of the towns of Willing and Independence in Allegany County and the Town of West Union in Steuben County.

An association of landowners, Preserve Our Water and Environmental Resources (POWER), plans to protest the drilling operation. Chaired by Ed Worman of Whitesville, the group objects to the company’s bid to drill 12 times as many wells as DEC regulations allow.


goeast said…
I would like to know in Mr. Worman is a local to the Whitesvilee community or if he is an inport. Every little than can help the economy will help, it may not be alot but it is a start. GO EAST

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