Energy Advocate of the Year

Washington, DC – At a ceremony held earlier this week in the Nation’s Capital, U.S. Representative John E. Peterson, R-Pleasantville, was named Energy Advocate of the Year by the Energy Advocates, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization aimed at educating the American people about the energy industry.

“Having worked diligently for the past eight years to educate both my constituents and the American public about energy and the ensuing crisis that we are weathering, it is a tremendous honor to have received this award,” said Peterson. “Affordable and reliable energy drives the world and serves as the lifeblood of our economy – the more the American people understand the energy issue, the more they realize that we need comprehensive energy reform that utilizes domestic resources, not foreign imports.”

Peterson has long advocated the need for comprehensive energy legislation that combines increased domestic energy production with serious conservation efforts and a renewed emphasis on investing in alternative energy sources.

"Congressman Peterson received the Energy Advocates Individual Award for his vision about America's energy future and for his bipartisan approach to critical energy solutions facing our nation. The Energy Advocates theme is ‘America Needs America's Energy’, and Congressman Peterson has led the effort on Capitol Hill to see that generations ahead will have a secure energy future by supporting America’s energy industry,” said Mark A. Stansberry, President of the Energy Advocates.

The Energy Advocates was established in 1974 by Oklahoma oilmen in response to the Arab Oil Embargo with the goal of promoting energy security and to correct misinformation about the energy industry. Today, the Energy Advocates are building upon the strong foundation of energy education about the oil and gas sector and promote all forms of energy, including wind, solar and other renewable and alternative fuel sources.

“It is my sincere hope that in the remaining days that Congress is in session we will heed the advice of organizations like the Energy Advocates and pass comprehensive energy legislation which will offer relief to the American people and put our great nation on the road toward energy independence,” concluded Peterson.

Pictured from left: U.S. Representative Mary Fallin (R-OK), Peterson and Stansberry.


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