Prof Writes About Eldred, WWII

Eldred, Pa., and its role in World War II is getting a little national attention this fall thanks to the work of a St. Bonaventure University journalism professor.

The October 2008 issue of World War II in America magazine features an article called “A Pennsylvania War Town” written by Chris Mackowski, an associate professor of journalism and mass communication.

Eldred is a town of 900 residents just 15 miles southeast of St. Bonaventure University across the state line. During World War II, Eldred was the site of bomb-making factories for the English and, later, American armies.

Today, the town is home to the Eldred World War II Museum.

Mackowski, who lived in Eldred and graduated from Otto-Eldred High School in 1987, called the museum, “one of our region’s great little gems.”

The article is the second piece by Mackowski that has appeared in national magazines since the summer. The July/August issue of Civil War Historian magazine featured a six-page story Mackowski wrote on the 2nd South Carolina String Band, an eight-member group of Civil War reenactors who double as a camp band. Their repertoire consists of the Civil War-era music soldiers would have listened to around the campfires.

Mackowski has taught at St. Bonaventure since the fall of 2000.


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