Scarnati Endorses Thompson

President Pro Tempore of the Pennsylvania State Senate, Joseph B. Scarnati III, today endorsed the candidacy of Glenn Thompson for the Fifth Congressional District. Scarnati, who represents eight of the 17 counties that comprise the Fifth District, issued the following statement:

"As we come down the home stretch of this campaign season, I am proud to support and endorse Glenn Thompson's candidacy as our next representative in Congress. Glenn has a keen understanding of the challenges facing Rural Pennsylvania and offers solutions that are pragmatic and will be effective in solving the issues that are important to us.

"As a healthcare professional, Glenn brings 27 years of experience to the table and will work to reform Medicare and Medicaid - as opposed to increased regulation, which has been all too prevalent in Washington these days. With an aging population, now more than ever before, Glenn's expertise in healthcare is needed in Washington so that older Pennsylvanians will continue to receive the highest quality of care.

"Glenn understands the transportation and infrastructure needs of the Commonwealth and will work with the State Legislature to make sure Pennsylvania receives its fair share when Congress reauthorizes the Highway Bill next year.

"When elected, Glenn and I will work well as a team on the issues that affect the 25th Senatorial District, the Fifth Congressional District and the Commonwealth. Glenn has my full support and I urge you to support him on November 4th."

Thompson issued the following statement in reaction to Senator Scarnati's endorsement:

"Senator Scarnati has been a true leader in reforming the 'politics as usual' culture in Harrisburg and should be commended for being a champion of rural initiatives. I am honored and humbled to receive his support and endorsement and look forward to working with him to tackle the issues facing Rural Pennsylvania.

"Over the course of this campaign, having traveled - to and through - Joe's Senate District countless times, I learned first hand from his constituents the level of service he provides and the work he has done on their behalf. It is that same level of service I will guarantee at the federal level to the folks living across the Fifth District."


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