Be Aware to Prevent Crime

Crime prevention is the concept of simply being aware and using common sense to keep things from happening.

Senator Mike Stack says if a person is aware of his or her surroundings and observes what is going on in the immediate vicinity, there is a better chance that person will not become a crime victim. By limiting the opportunity for crime, a criminal’s ability to commit the crime is reduced

He says crime prevention is simply the concept of being aware and using common sense.

Most people have survival mechanisms that should help them be aware of their surroundings and observe things that are going on around them, Stack says, adding that being observant gives people a better chance of preventing a crime.

"If you sense that people are looking a certain way, they're standing in the shadows, they've got their collar up and they're trying to not be identified, and you're getting ready to walk by them – it might be a decent idea to cross the street and not walk by that person," he says. "Or maybe don't walk on that particular street.

Stack says neighbors should also look out for each other.

"If you see something that's suspicious, you're not doing a disservice to your neighbors, you're helping them out. And you're helping out the police, too, because they rely so heavily on what we see and observe,' Stack says.

"That's how you become neighborly," he says. "You look out for each other."

"The police can't do it all," Stack adds. "There are not enough of them compared to the people. But they can do a really good job if they're supported by neighbors and people who are observing things and giving them a heads up."


Anonymous said…
So...why can't we get a CRIME WATCH or NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH in the City of Bradford? Too many toes to be stepped on??? Even in the Outlying RURAL AREAS(like driving down Rt#321 towards Kane from the Bradford Ranger Station) THEY Have It POSTED WITH SIGNS!!! DUMB, DA DUM DA DUM... Oh, BTW, see if the website works now(NOT AS OF 1/20):

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