'Community Needs to be
Our Eyes and Ears'

WESB/WBRR News Director

Rough road conditions caused by the Route 219 Bypass project, and other factors, were a topic during Tuesday's Bradford City Council meeting.

Bradford resident Brad Mangel suggested that, because of the "inordinate amount of traffic" due to detours, the streets deteriorated more than they normally would have.

City Clerk John Peterson said some repairs have been made and pictures are taken before a project starts to document any damage that's done.

OECD Executive Director Sara Andrews said it's obvious that the construction vehicles had something to do with the current condition of Forman Street, and said it wouldn't hurt to ask PennDOT if repair work there could be added to another project.

On a related note, Mayor Tom Riel said the city tried to get federal stimulus money for a citywide resurfacing project, but city roads don't qualify.

Also Tuesday, Councilman Rick Benton talked about comments – good and bad – he heard from people while circulating nominating petitions.

Starting with the bad, he said people don't like the parts of the sidewalk that jut out into the street – otherwise known as "traffic calming areas" -- in the streetscape project area.

Andrews and Peterson said the traffic calming areas are supposed to slow traffic down on major thoroughfares.

"It slows it down as you bounce over it," Riel said.

Among the things people were impressed with, Benton said, are the job the snowplow drivers do, the OECD, the city parks and increased drug enforcement in the city.

In another matter, Riel said despite what some landlords think about the new rental property ordinance, it is working.

Councilman Ross Neidich added that cleaning up the city isn't as easy as tearing buildings down.

"You wonder if people don't stop to think that, even though some of these places may be dilapidated to a variety of degrees, many of them still pay taxes of some sort," Neidich said.

In other matters, Riel also said now that four-wheeler season is here, people are being encouraged to call police about people who are driving them illegally in the city.

He says he's almost become an annoyance to the police department by calling to report dozens of four-wheeler riders. Riel says the city has a zero-tolerance policy on four-wheelers.

City Clerk John Peterson said the city does need the community's help on this, and other issues.

"The community needs to be our eyes and ears … whatever they see," he said. "If they suspect a drug deal, use the police tip line. (Bradford City Police Tip Line) We need to be aware."

"As our number of employees decreases," he said, "we need the community to be more and more helpful to our people in any way, shape or manner."

Also Tuesday, council awarded a contract to M & M Contractors for the Callahan Park Water Spray Park project. M &M submitted the low bid of $62,725.

City Parks director Chip Comilla said he hopes the project is finished this year. It's been in the planning stages for more than two years.

"It'll be good for the city," Riel said.

Council also approved a sign permit for Kelly Martin. The sign at 27 Main Street (the current Abasso at The Downbeat) will read "Kelly's Main Street."

And, Andrews said she's hoping to have the rest of the Christmas decorations down by the end of the week.


Anonymous said…
So NOW The Mayor and City Council WANT The PEOPLE To Be Their EYES & EARS? Why Oh Why NOW? Because The City Has FEWER Employees? Give The TAXPAYERS Some CREDIT For ALL They Have DONE, Do NOW and WILL DO In The Future If The PEOPLE In POWER Will Only COMMUNICATE With Them and RESPECT Them...Like The CAMPAIGN Promises Made and IGNORED! Do I HEAR Hypocrisy Calling? Listen and You Too May HEAR The WILL Of The PEOPLE Calling For The CHANGE WE NEED!!!

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