Special Olympics Results

Over 130 special athletes from McKean, Warren, Elk and Cameron counties gathered at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Sport and Fitness Center pool today (March 6) for the annual Special Olympics Swimming Invitational, Sponsored by Dallas-Morris.

The invitational is the culmination of the swimming season for most of the athletes, who have been in training for several months for this event. Seven swimmers, whose names will be announced, will advance to the Pennsylvania Special Olympics Summer Games at Penn State, June 4-6.

Gold medal winners were:
15yd Walk: Jean Zumstein, Steph Heffner, Chris Koch, Cody Pellerito, Matt Latshaw, Kyle Fortman

10yd Assisted: Heather Kephart, Alex Rakieski, Devin Guras, Zach Frontera, Jeff Gagliardi, Zack Williams

15yd Unassisted:Taylor Dunkle, Amber Jordan, Devin Guras, Charlie Black, George Burton, Kyle Fortman

15yd Adapted: Tina Whitford

15yd Float: Janet Pressler, Carsen Davis, Derek Hottel, Jeff Gagliardi

25yd Float:Terika Schleicher, Dante Lockett, Devin Guras, Leroy Phelps, George Burton

25yd Freestyle: Tiffany Gardner, Rachelle Russell, Maggie Freidman, Ragenea McLaughlin, Jacob Kephart, Leroy Phelps, Andrew Wilson, Aaron Nagle, Kyle Thompson, Tim Taylor, Matt Kronenwetter

25yd Breaststroke: Regenea McLaughlin

25yd Backstroke:Tiffany Gardner, Morgan Nelson, Rachelle Russell, Susan Parkes, Sharon Petitt, Jeremiah Kephart, Mitchell Rakieski, Andrew Wilson, Chris Gage, Charles Meyerink

50yd Freestyle: Tiffany Gardner, Jacob Kephart, Andrew Wilson, Charles Meyerink, Tom Sorg, Eric Baxter, Matthew Scott, Renee Snyder, Mitchell Rakieski, Katie McDonough

50yd Backstroke:Emily Dunkle, Jeremiah Kephart

100yd Freestyle:Renee Snyder

100yd Relay: Regenea McLaughlin, Charles Meyerink, Charles Black, Kyle Fortman


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