It's a Gusher!

The well shoot during Bradford's Oil 150 festivities today turned out even better than planner Chris Kellner of Kellner Well Drilling in Olean expected it would. We'll have many more pictures of today's events coming soon. Stay tuned!


Hi Anne,
Thats a great shot of the "Shooting of the oil well". Most people are not old enough to remember. These were a fairly common sight in my childhood. I watched a couple of these oil well shootings on the hill behind my home in Bolivar, NY. Most were done out in the woods out of sight unless you were involved in the work. I have posted your photo on Solomon's words, and linked back to your site for people to see the rest of your photos when you post them. It's a great remembrance of our oil heritage. Looks like the Oil 150 people from the Bradford area really had it together. Good job everyone.
James Jones
Solomon's words for the wise
Anne said…
Hi Jim,
Some people might think I'm a little nutty when I say this but ... I kind of liked smelling "that smell" again for a little while. I wouldn't want to smell it all the time again .... Anyway, it was so much fun watching that, and feeling the ground shake and ... well, the whole the thing.
Thanks again, Jim!
Anonymous said…

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