Fatal Crash in Elk County

Two people are dead following an accident Saturday afternoon at the intersection of routes 66 and 948 in Highland Township.

State police say a car driven by 19-year-old Levi Rowles of Clearfield didn't stop at the intersection and pulled into the path of a Freightliner tractor-trailer driven by Mark Peterson of Bradford.

Rowles and his passenger, 38-year-old Carla Rowles of Clearfield, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Peterson was not hurt.

From Ridgway-based state police


punky said…
levi and carla rowles were my very much loved sister and nephew. i have lost my intire world today. i would appreciate all information you have on the accident. i dont need sugar coating i need facts. i know it was my loved ones fault, im not wanting a lawsuit, im sure the tractor trailor driver is saddened enough. i just need details in order to move on....if i need to sign something in order to view it then so be it. but please i need answers. my world is gone
Anonymous said…
i am very sorry for your loss. i knew carla because of my work and she was the kindest most helpful person. i am sure your life has changed and i can't imagine her husband's loss either. please know that your family is in our prayers and thoughts
Anonymous said…
my boyfriend & I were in front of the semi going north on 66, your nephew went through the stop sign fast (assuming he never saw it)he just missed us by inches. my boyfriend was driving, he had to move into the southbound Rt 66 lane to avoid us getting hit. I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my husband in a car accident in 2005. so I know how it feels to want to know any information.
Anonymous said…
I am very close to the truck driver that was involved.....and I can assure you that he IS extremely heart-broken that this happened. He is a kind man with a big heart. he still questions why such a tragedy happened to all involved. On behalf of all that know him and his family......our hearts go out to the Rowles family....you are all in our thoughts and prayers at your time of loss.
Anonymous said…
well i loved levi and i hope he really knows how much , even thogh i didint really no me we talked alot

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