Council Doesn't Vote on Issue of
Manned Police Station

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The Bradford City Police station will be manned 24/7 for at least another couple of weeks.

City Council took no action on the matter during its regular meeting Tuesday night. A resolution to turn dispatch duties over to the McKean County 911 Center was the last item on some of the agendas passed out to the public, but Mayor Tom Riel explained that inclusion of the item was a mistake.

Before the meeting, council held a brief work session to discuss alternatives to transferring the dispatch duties.

Police Officer Chris Lucco said members of the department met and discussed several possible options to having a sworn officer perform desk duties.

They decided that "any of the possible options would not meet your (Riel's) exceptions of a cost savings," Lucco said.

He said they remain opposed to "anything other than having a police officer man the station for many reasons, but most importantly for the safety of the public and our officers."

Lucco added that council should look at who should be making the decisions concerning implementation of the transition. He said he hopes council will talk to Chief Mike Close and other officers because he believes there are some aspects of the transition council is overlooking.

"You put your trust in Chief Close to run the department," Lucco said. "Certainly with a transition of this magnitude it is time to go to him and use his expertise so that all the areas will be covered."

Members of the department also prepared folders of information for Riel and the council members to look over before making the decision.

Among the items included are information on the officers' need for cell phones if the duties are transferred to Smethport, and information about a different option for weapon storage.

Lt. Roger Sager also asked that council review the information.

"Short of suggesting throwing somebody under the bus – other city employees – which, I will speak for myself, I would not do," Sager said. "We just want you to please take the time before your meeting and read what we've presented to you."

No other police officers spoke on the issue. Council ended the work session to review the information.

from sitting in city council chambers, listening, recording, and taking notes


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