Man Jailed for Escape

A Cattaraugus County man is being held without bail after trying to escape from a state police car last night.

Sheriff's deputies tell WESB and The HERO that 48-year-old Ivan Bowles, who is on parole for a felony driving while intoxicated conviction, was found to be drinking alcohol and in possession of a Ruger .223 semi-automatic rifle during a routine visit to his Town of Napoli home. Bowles was handcuffed and placed into a state police car. On the way to Cattaraugus County Jail, Bowles unhooked his seatbelt, opened the front passenger door and attempted to jump from the police car. The parole officer managed to hold onto to Bowles to keep him from jumping, and called sheriff's deputies for help.

Bowles is now facing additional charges of criminal possession of a weapon and attempted escape.


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