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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nushawn's Lawyer in Court Today

A lawyer for the man who infected more than a dozen people in Chautauqua County with HIV was in court today to argue that his client has done his time and should be released from prison.

Nushawn Williams’ prison term ended in April, but Attorney General Andrew Cuomo wants to keep him in custody under a civil law that allows extended confinement for a person who has a mental abnormality.

A judge ruled last month there was enough evidence to hold Williams until a civil confinement trial in October.

State Supreme Court Judge John Michalski reserved decision on today’s arguments and ordered both sides to be back in court next month.


Anonymous said...

It's bad enough this scumhole infected so many people and they're thinking about letting him free to spread the love some more but come on, 12 women infected?? What is this? '68 summer of love? There are nasty incurable diseases out there that EVERYONE has heard of by now! How about some common sence on both sides of this story!

Marcia L. Neil said...

Perhaps the story of the scumholes who conspired to take control of Williams Electric Company in San Francisco CA should be published and shown to be a cause of immune-deficiency diseases and even another major earthquake in that region.