List of People Arrested in Drug Sweep


Michele Barger
Michael Cary
Todd Davis
Kylie Hogue
Stephen Summers
Timothy Swick


Thomas Alcock
Paul Isadore
Steven Kimble
Scott Kinney
Jennifer Sisson
Justin Stuck

Port Allegany

Robert Hamilton
Allen Kelley
Patricia Larson
Thomas Manning
Wendy Kay Manning
Reletta McGarvey
Ronald Metzler
Brandon Nelson
George Roach
Christopher Safford
Sam Sherwood
Robert Wilfong


Paul Fero (Crosby)
Robin Gordon (Crosby)
Charles Michael (Crosby
Brenda Mitchell (Roulette)
Billie Jo Sherwood (Roulette)
William Sherwood (Roulette)

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty
Only the 2 people who were not listed in the paper are on the online docket so far.


Anonymous said…
You are wrong. There are several more people that you have not listed that were busted Friday. Their names have not been in the newspaper or radio.
I know this for a fact!
Anne said…
I'm waiting for a call from Dom Cercone's office to get the other names/charges. I stopped in there today, and was promised the call later today.

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