Projects Getting Nearly $1 Million

Two McKean County projects are getting nearly $1 million from the state.

The Kessel Athletic Complex will receive $500,000 while the McKean County Multi-Tenant Facility will receive $400,000.

Senator Joe Scarnati said the funding is being made available through the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, which is intended to assist in the immediate creation of quality, family-sustaining jobs. To date, $1.5 million has been released for the Kessel project, bringing the total amount of state assistance secured to $2 million.

Scarnati says the Kessel project will create construction jobs and ultimately provide new opportunities for recreation. He adds that even in a tight budget year, economic development and job creation must remain a top priority.

The money for the Kessel project is being released to the Bradford Office of Economic and Community Development. The money for the multi-tenant center is being released to the McKean County Industrial Development Authority.


Marcia L. Neil said…
It has been almost impossible to communicate to McKean County as a whole about a Degolia PA roadside-rest archaeological site now perversely surrounded with a streamside cemetery. It is hoped that any and all industrial development will be directed away from the site until the attention of archaeologists can be successfully engaged, as attempted in the mid-1970s. The Route 219 bypass project was initiated to bypass the city of Bradford, instead, while the artifact site became covered with roadway asphalt dust during funneled traffic flow. A worldwide audience is witnessing artifact-site degradation rather than formal archaeological investigation initiated.

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