Paterson Could Face Criminal Charges

Governor David Paterson mislead investigators and could face criminal charges following an investigation into his receipt of free Yankees World Series tickets last year, according to a report by the independent counsel to the state attorney general's office.

Retired Judge Judith Kaye released her report on the investigation this afternoon. It says the decision whether charges should be brought against Paterson is up to the Albany County district attorney.

The report says checks to pay for the tickets and a letter prepared by an aide to the governor were both backdated to make them look as if the payment was made before the game.

You can read the report here. (PDF)


Marcia L. Neil said…
It's the same active influence-networking that set up the Zippo knock-offs using replies elicited during telephone-call-demand strategies -- fiction-grade made real, including fires at potential building 'knock-downs'. Plus, an archaeological site in Degolia PA has been altered such that the possibility of tour-ticketing of the 'Blarney Stone' sort is no longer a revenue option. The site has sheltered a rare and tiny waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle that contains preserved memory-images of ancient world history.

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