Tips for Pheasant Hunting

By Jane H Bryndel

We are in the middle of pheasant season and I hope you are finding time between high temperatures and super storms to get out in the field. We still have a few more bird stockings on our local game lands. Here are some tips and thoughts I had on this fall's hunting season:

1. Don't overwork your dog. Give them plenty of time to recover and rest between hunting trips. Most dog owners I talk with don't feed their dog before they run but after. This will help keep the dog from overheating and cramping up. It's too late now but I hope you kept you and your dog in good physical shape in the off season. Always carry water for you and the dog. I like to hunt from pond to pond to be sure the dogs can drink and cool off if needed.

2. Tailgate check your dog after the hunt. I put the dogs in the truck and run my hands over them. It's important to pay attention to the eyes, nose, between the toes – even the ear canal and mouth. Putting your hands on the dog is a good way to locate a sore spot, even a burr or tick, for that matter.

3. Don't throw out the legs! Check our local web site for a soup recipe from Pheasants Forever that looks good and easy. Personally, I cook up the thighs for the dogs - they deserve it! Respect the hunters that will follow you and don't clean your birds in the parking lot. I've seen a lot of feathers in the parking areas and it's a big mess. Please cleanup after yourself and leave a better impression for non-hunters.

4. Take a youth hunting. I get tired of carrying a heavy gun in the field since my main goal is to work with the dogs. Take a kid hunting and you can concentrate on the dog while teaching a worthwhile, lifelong skill to the hunters of tomorrow.

5. Here are some good tips for a safe hunt -

a) Treat every gun as if it were loaded
b) Always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction
c) Know your target and beyond

6. The following is the Pheasants Forever's Code - As a member of Pheasants Forever, I believe in conserving wildlife and protecting the environment. I promise to leave the outdoors a little better than I found it. I will hunt safely and treat hunting on public and private land as a privilege. I will always ask permission before hunting private land.

Have a safe and productive hunting season!

The next meeting of local Pheasants Forever Chapter 630 is, Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 7:00 PM at the Capital City fire hall on Front Street in Ridgway, PA. Visit our web site at for meeting dates, hunting information, recipes, officers contacts and more.

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