Fire on Woodlawn Avenue

Firefighters were called to Woodlawn Avenue at around 9:30 tonight for a working structure fire. Derrick City, Limestone and Bradford City firefighters are on the scene. We'll have more information on Sunday.


DT Dave said…
Whose House Is/Was It? Tough to deal with at this time of year...both for the Owner & the Firefighters. Hope Everyone Is OK! Stay SAFE & PRAY For Us ALL.
Anonymous said…
It's now wed and I'm reading news from last sat. Glad to see the blog takes a break for the holiday..way to keep up with your job...its supossed to be up to date blog not weekly news...once again this is why everyone should blog not just one person.
Anne said…
How dare you tell me what this blog is "supposed to be." I started it 5 years ago on my own and made it into what I want it to be.
I will continue to take my vacation the week between Christmas and New Year's, as I have been for the last 5 years. If you're so much of a news junkie, I'm sure you know you can go to for news when I am on vacation.

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