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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Police Find Man Who Hit Pedestrian

Bradford Police have found the driver who hit a pedestrian Tuesday morning on East Main Street near St. Francis Drive.

Based on information from a concerned citizen48-year-old William Lucas of Interstate Parkway was identified as the driver who hit the person who was crossing the street in front of an ATA bus.

Lucas is charged with a motor vehicle violation of Duty to Give Information and Render Aid.

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Anonymous said...

Is it true that the police knew who was driving the vehicle and onlly gave the the discription of "blue" because gthey were hoping the guy would come foroward on his own?

Anne said...

That's my understanding.

Anonymous said...

Ref: PA Code §75-3743
Leaving the scene of an accident where injury results is considered a 3rd degree felony, carrying a mandatory minimum 90 day jail sentence and up to 7 years in prison, along with a minimum $1,000 fine.

Will the police let this guy off because they know him or will he server the 3 months in jail as per Pa law?

Anonymous said...

He didn't want his vehicle searched, that is why he took off.