Police: Man Threatens to Blow Up ARG

A Bradford man is in jail after allegedly threatening to blow up the ARG refinery.

City of Bradford Assistant Police Chief Mike Ward says they got a call at 3:39 Monday afternoon saying a disgruntled employee was trying to force his way into the front entrance on Kendall Avenue by kicking the door and throwing rocks at the front glass. He also tried to rip the flagpole out of the ground.

Before police got to ARG 39-year-old John Patrick Rose drove away, but Ward found him speeding and passing other vehicles on Williams Street. Rose’s SUV veered onto the sidewalk, and into a private yard. It was stopped near the intersection of Williams and Rosedale Avenue.

Ward says Rose got out of his SUV in a “fit of rage and ignored all commands from police. He was then ordered at gunpoint to lay down on the ground, which he eventually did.” He was handcuffed and taken into custody, but “was screaming out repeatedly that he had a military background (and) was going to blow up the refinery.”

While he was on the ground he was still irate and crying, according to the affadavit of probable cause filed in District Judge Rich Luther's office. He was screaming, "You should have shot me. I want to be dead like those kids in Connecticut."

He continued to "rant and cry about the Connecticut shootings," the affadvait says, adding that "(h)is main source of anger was focused on ARG, though, and how they fired him for nothing."

Ward added that Rose “was acting highly suicidal.”

In the back of the police car Rose smashed his head off the back window of the cage repeatedly. He "was extremely aggressive and not stable in any manner."

Employees from ARG told Ward that on Friday Rose was fired by a subcontractor who worked for ARG, and “showed up in a fit of rage” attempting to get into the building. They said he was “screaming over and over that ‘You’re all going down.’” Rose is charged with terroristic threats, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and multiple traffic offenses. He’s jailed on $57,500 bail.

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