Port Allegany Woman Drowns
After Car Lands in Creek

A young Port Allegany woman is dead following an accident early this morning when the car she was a passenger in ended up in a creek.

21-year-old Emily Schena was taken to Charles Cole Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Police say the car driven by 21-year-old Emily Schultz, also of Port Allegany traveled off the road at around 1:30 a.m., hit a metal bridge rail, and then flipped onto its roof and into Combs Creek. Police say the creek was flowing strong and high because of the melting snow.

Schultz was able to free herself from the car, but Schena could not get out. Police say the cause of death is drowning.

The investigation is continuing.

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Anonymous said…
Probably going home after an NFL Playoff Championship Game PARTY. Such a Waste of a Young Woman's Life. Now Her Friend/Driver Will Carry Her Guilt/Responsibility The Rest of Her Life. So SAD.
Anonymous said…
You have NO idea what happened. Don't just assume things, you freak'n idiot. She just lost her best friend.
Anonymous said…
They BOTH Could Have DIED!
How Awful to Lose Your Best Friend.
R.I.P. & Prayers to their Families.
And MANY Thanks to their Rescuers...Volunteer EMTs/Firefighters ROCK!
Anonymous said…
How dare you make such an assumption. You know nothing about the road, the situation, or the friendship those two girls had. Of course the loss of her best friend will haunt her forever, but it would haunt you too if you weren't such a heartless fool. Think before you speak. Rest easy Em, you're safe and in a better place. Thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.
Anonymous said…
So if you wreck your car at night you were probably coming from your drug dealers house or a party. Even if they were drinking they were friends. Do you think the friends and family want to get on here and read well she probably were doing this or doing that..thanks for the support. When your kid dies someone will be sure to call you and tell you they were probably at a PARTY hanging with bad people because ya know that's what had to have been going on. Why else would 2 friends be driving in a car together...god some people are FN ignorant...many prays to The family and friends of a good person..you will be missed by many

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