Newbury Commons Gets the Go-Ahead

The Newbury Commons housing development is one step closer to reality, as Bradford City Council voted 3-1 Tuesday night to sell houses on Howard and State streets to make room for it.

Mayor Tom Riel voted against the project. Councilman Fred Proper was not at the meeting.

Before the vote Riel said one of the reasons he is against the private development is that current landlords have told him they would have to lower their standards in regard to their tenants, which would continue the influx of undesirable tenants.

Councilman Rhett Kennedy took exception to that line of thinking.

"The only way that we’re going to change those that live in Bradford is by maintaining our standards. It is up to us to maintain our standards and not sink to lowering them," Kennedy said.

"That’s why people are looking to come to Bradford, because we have low standards. Let’s have the highest standards we possibly can for all of our units," he said.

Listen to the entire meeting here.

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Anonymous said…
Mr. Kennedy you are a breath of fresh air!
Anonymous said…
Standards...we all need them in this town..don't we have enough apt complexes for people who don't try to work...maybe if people gave to the ones who try and can't get by instead of giving everyone in this town everything..I think that a guy and a girl who have a kid are a little more deserving than a single mother who has 5 kids..she had her chance if she isn't able to help thereself after 5 kids its a lost cause.
Anonymous said…
If landlords raise standards any more, they'll be out of business, having no tenants that meet those standards. The same way walmart wouldn't have any customers if they only allowed in people wearing suits and ties. It's not so black and white saying, ok we all must RAISE standards and be merry. If the better tenants are limited, they'll have no choice but to lower standards. What, all of a sudden there will be droves of “good people” coming to Bradford once all these standards are raised? No, people will leave and bradford will look like braddock pa.

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