Special Olympics Gold Medalists Announced

More than 100 special athletes from McKean, Potter, Elk and Cameron counties gathered at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Sport and Fitness Center pool Friday for the annual Special Olympics Swimming Invitational.

The invitational is the culmination of the swimming season for most of the athletes, who have been in training for several months for this event. Seven swimmers, whose names will be announced, will advance to the Pennsylvania Special Olympics Summer Games at Penn State, June 6-8.

Gold medal winners were:

15yd Walk: Matt Latshaw, John Sandlin, Joe Cook, Jr., Ian Guras, Mercedes Buckins, Kia Jefferds
10yd Assisted: Alex Rakieski, Tristan Carney, Noah Gausman, Ian Guras, Christofer Swedenhelm, Lauren Loveland, Kia Jefferds
15yd Unassisted: Matt Latshaw, Keith Myers, Lesadi Crust
15yd Float: Tyler Dubeck, John Sandlin, Ian Guras, Brody Briggs, Luke Squires, Jenna Gerhart, Paricia Nelson
25yd Float: Matt Latshaw, Tristan Carney, Tyler Dubeck, Jenna Gerhart
25yd Freestyle: Zethan Brougham, Zach Frontera, Devin Guras, Andrew Wilson, Adam Hickey, Derek Hottel, Julie Boyle, Kayla Gray, Shawna Graham, Karen Smith, Vicky Nichols, Ryanna Carpenter
25yd Backstroke: Zach Frontera, Devin Guras, Devon Young, Andrew Wilson, Adam Hickey, Derek Hottel, Kayla Gray, Morgan Nelson, Susan Parkes, Karen Smith, Amanda Haberberger, Vicky Nichols, Ryanna Carpenter 50yd Freestyle: Zach Frontera, Derek Hottel, Terika Schleicher, Kayla Gray, Joe Lee, Andrew Wilson, Ryanna Carpenter, Shawna Bailey
50yd Backstroke: Devin Guras, Karen Smith
4x25yd Relay: Andrew Wilson, Matt Scott, Gary Stewart, Kyler Carpenter, Ryanna Carpenter, Harry Gardner

McKean County Special Olympics photo

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