Fired Fireman Facing More Charges

The Bradford paramedic accused of stealing drugs from the fire department is now accused of altering paperwork to cover up some of the thefts.

The criminal complaint against Brandon Landuyt has been amended to say that between March 10 and June 12 he “completed 18 Narcotic Waste Log sheets indicating he had wasted leftover (morphine and Fentanyl) when in fact he actually took the waste home for personal use.”

Also, according to papers filed in District Judge Dominic Cercone’s office, on November 14 of last year and June 12 of this year he “altered the sub stock narcotic logs at the fire department and took morphine and Fentanyl.”

For those allegations he is charged with 20 felony counts of acquisition or obtaining of a controlled substance by misrepresentation, fraud, forgery, deception or subterfuge.

Previously, he had been charged for taking morphine and Fentanyl from vials and replacing it with saline, and for giving a prescription for a muscle relaxer to another firefighter.

Landuyt no longer works for the fire department. Bradford City Council fired him two weeks ago.

Landuyt waived his preliminary hearings today and is free on $75,000 bail.

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Anonymous said…
"The Bradford ERA" Newspaper says Twenty-six Additional Felony Counts were filed against this man.
So, is the number 20 or 26?
Either way, this young man's life is ruined.
How did he get away with this for so long without anybody noticing?
Aren't random drug tests conducted?
Where is the accountability?
So, will all City of Bradford employees now be drug tested on a regular/random schedule?
Questions waiting for some answers from the Mayor/City Councilmen...
Anne said…
It's 20 additional felony counts; 26 additional counts all together.

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