Another Suspicious White Van Sighting

Mount Jewett Police are investigating reports of a suspicious white van in a borough neighborhood Sunday afternoon.

They say the van approached two young boys near the corner of Anderson and Knox streets and the driver asked if they wanted a ride. They told him no and ran home to tell their parents, who called police.

The driver is described as a white man with gray hair and a gray beard.

At least three other incidents involving a white van approaching children have been reported in McKean County within the last month.

The van pictured is similar to the van police are looking for. It is not the van.

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Anonymous said…
Why do you not have a description of the van other than a white van? I think I saw this on your website a while ago and it said it was a conversion van? That would be very helpful, if I'm right, in the public trying to offer help.
Anonymous said…
This is the van we are to be on lookout for?? I have seen nothing but white vans since this issue has started..Please keep us in Bradford and the surrounding areas up to date on this van..
Anonymous said…
As Anne said this isn't the actual van. It's similar to the actual van. I would hope that anyone who got close enough to the van to take a picture like this would call the police or get a plate number or stick around to get a picture of the guy too!
Anonymous said…
There is a misprint. There is no Knox street in Mt. Jewett I was born and raised and never heard of Knox street. There is an Anderson but no Knox.
Anonymous said…
Is it the van with the busted window on tge drivers side?????
Anne said…
This, my dear readers, is why I don't normally get second-hand information from other media outlets. I have called Mount Jewett Borough Police to find out where along Anderson Street this happened. I will pass this information on as soon as I get it. Thank you for pointing this out! I truly do appreciate it.

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