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Another Sasquatch Sighting in McKean County?

Bradford resident John Stoneman chats with Anne Holliday about pictures he took near Kinzua Bridge State Park which may, or may not, be a Bigfoot -- or two.

Now the question is: Did the Bigfoot Calling Contest during the Kinzua Bridge Fall Festival the day before the pictures were taken really work? Stoneman is still not sure if he believes in the creature, but Bigfoot believers have called him about the photos, and he's heard from The Animal Planet, which produces the TV show “Finding Bigfoot,” and has already been in the area to talk to McKean, Warren and Elk county residents about Sasquatch sightings.

You can hear what Stoneman has to say about the pictures here.

To find a link to the pictures go to facebook.com/1490wesb.

Image from Google Earth ©

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Fran Bottone said…
Great Job Stony!
Anonymous said…
You don't really believe those are pictures of Bigfoot do you? LOL
Anne said…
If you listen again I think you'll hear him say the pictures look like they could be Bigfoot, not that he thinks it is Bigfoot.
Anonymous said…
I am proud of you for showing your pictures and telling your story. My sister and I have seen two at and at both times said to each other I'am not telling anyone and she said to me, who would believe us anyway. So good for you for having the nerve to tell the world, even if they don't believe you.
TheJerk said…
I wonder how long it took John to set up the scene prior to driving by, it's certainly not just a coincidence, John is a bovine excrement artist.

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