Penn Grade 1 Limited Slip
GL-5 SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil Added to the Line

American Refining Group, Inc. (ARG), manufacturer of quality Brad Penn® Lubricants, announced the addition of Penn Grade 1® Limited Slip GL-5 SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil to its High Performance “The Green Oil”® line.

The Penn Grade 1® Limited Slip GL-5 SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil is available in 12/1 quart needle nose bottles. BRAD PENN® Penn Grade 1® Limited Slip GL-5 SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil has been specifically developed to serve as a friction modified lubricant for clutch-type, limited slip differentials, reducing slick-slip ‘chatter’ in low speed high torque operations. It is formulated with Penn Grade base stocks, as well as a skillfully tailored additive system. It is recommended when a SAE 80W, SAE 90, or SAE 80W-90 viscosity is required.

.“Our Penn Grade 1® Limited Slip GL-5 SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil is designed for limited slip differentials in passenger cars, vans, SUV’s, on or off-road RV’s and light duty trucks. It is fit for use in ‘modern’ applications requiring API MT-1, MIL-PRF-2105E, SAE J2360, Mack GO-J and GO-H, Navistar B-22, Meritor Automotive O-76-A and O-76-D, Ford M2C197-A and M2C118-A.”, stated Ken Tyger, Senior Technical Representative for American Refining Group, Inc.

Mr. Tyger states, “This product is ideally suited for use in classic car limited slip differential systems such as those of the Chevrolet® Positraction, Ford® Motor Co, Traction-Lok, Pontiac® Saf-T-Track, Mopar® Sure Grip and similar applications.”

“Our high performance oils have grown steadily since conception back in 2001. Rapidly they have become the talk of the industry and the sought-after oil for classic, racing, muscle, vintage and other high performance applications. Our customers realize the value in an oil that contains high, balanced levels of zinc and phosphorous as well as our unique base oil cut that stays on engine parts, even when the engine is not running, minimizing ‘dry start’ wear,” states Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Communication Manager for American Refining Group, Inc.

In addition to the Penn Grade 1® Limited Slip GL-5 SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil, the Penn Grade 1® line also offers a variety of outstanding High Performance Oils available in eleven viscosity grades including, partial synthetic SAE 0W-30, partial synthetic 5W-30 partial synthetic SAE 10W-30, partial synthetic SAE 10W-40, partial synthetic SAE 15W-40, partial synthetic SAE 20W-50, SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50, SAE 60 and NITRO 70. In addition, Brad Penn® carries an exceptional Assembly Lubricant, SAE 30 Break-In Oil, ‘Classic’ Multi-Purpose GL-4 Gear Oil SAE 80W-90, and a specially formulated SAE 75W-90 full synthetic Supercharger/Blower/Gear Lubricant. For more information about Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils you can visit our website at

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