Shutdown Prompts Change in Pheasant Stocking

Pennsylvania Game Commission Northwest Region Director Keith Harbaugh announced today that the shutdown of the federal government has necessitated a change in pheasant stocking for the Junior Pheasant season.

The Junior Pheasant season starts on Saturday. A shutdown of the federal government and the restriction of activity on some federal lands have caused the game commission to remove the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Shenango Lake Area 415, Golden Run area as a stocking location for the Junior Pheasant Hunt.

Pheasants will be distributed to the remaining stocking areas for Mercer County, and these areas are listed on page 25 of the Pennsylvania Hunting & Trapping Digest. If the federal government resumes full operation later in the small game season, in-season pheasant stocking will take place in the Golden Run area.

“We regret having to make this move, but pheasants are a high-dollar resource and the agency has an obligation to place the birds in areas where we get the best return for sportsmen’s dollars spent,” Harbaugh said.

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