'Mystery Object' Found in Forest

This interesting photo was taken in the Allegheny National Forest's Hickory Creek Wilderness this past Sunday, during FAW's annual fall wilderness trail stewardship project, at the site of an old logging camp which of course has not been operational for as long as 100 years.

At some point in recent decades someone picked up the pictured metal object and hung it on a branch in a tree. The tree's tissue has since grown around the object, fixing it in place for the rest of the lifetime of the tree.

The question is, what is the object? Presumably it was associated with the logging camp, but is it a table leg, some part of mess hall equipment, or something else? Also at this site are objects such as bed frames, whiskey bottles, ketchup bottles, and broken plates.

If you think you know what this object is, please email your answer to info@pawild.org

The first person with the correct answer will receive free copies of the Citizens' Wilderness Proposal for Pennsylvania's Allegheny National Forest, our Keystone Wilderness campaign DVD, and two free FAW bumper stickers.

Also, items such as these are no longer "garbage," but rather archeological artifacts, so please leave them as they lay if you ever run across something like this while exploring the Allegheny National Forest.

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