Reasons to be Thankful

Six months ago no one would have been able to tell me I'd be able to come up with anything for this list. I was beyond devastated and depressed and, for the first time in my life, could not see a light at the end of the tunnel. But, day by day, it's getting a little better. I still cry. It still hurts more than I thought was possible. But, I was able to find some things to put on my list.

I’m thankful that
~~ our program director has helped me think before I post on Facebook
~~ co-workers bring in cute little treats (see picture below)
~~ Scott went to a Bret Michaels concert with me so I can say “Something to Believe In” is much better live and in person
~~ I was blessed with an amazing mother who turned into my best friend
~~ last Thanksgiving I didn’t whine, “I don’t wanna eat Thanksgiving dinner at The Pavilion.”
~~ I have a supportive and strong family and group of friends who helped me get through the last six months
~~ I have awesome cousins
~~ so many people in this community are trying to make a positive impact
~~ I have previous lists to look at to remind me of all the people who have made -- and are still making -- a positive impact in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving ... and feel free to add your list to the comments.

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