Pastor, Wife Plead No Contest

The Johnsonburg pastor and his wife accused of underfeeding their three adopted children have pleaded no contest to child endangerment charges.

43-year-old Mark Hooper and 40-year-old Susan Hooper of Mount Jewett had been scheduled for trial next week. District Attorney Ray Learn says the plea deal that reduces the charges from felonies to misdemeanors spares the children from having to testify at trial.

The children are all younger than 12 and are living with foster parents.

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I understand that taking the stand is hard for victims, especially when they are children. But to give a Pastor and his wife a deal because its to hard on the victims is completely ridiculous. That man is a Pastor, he took his position and used his power over those poor children. He probably emotionally abused them and that is also a crime. So your gonna give him a lighter sentance and make the crimes misdemeanos. What, is there no one who can work with the kids to build up their self esteem or do a video trial for them. This is how to many criminals reoffend, they arent properly punished the first time so the next time is much worse.

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