Ashville Man Charged with Rape

A 39-year-old Chautauqua County man is in jail for having a sexual relationship with a girl.

Police didn’t say how old the girl is but said William Stratton of Ashville had a relationship with her from December of 2009 through August of 2013 in the Town of North Harmony.

He is charged with course of sexual conduct against a child, rape, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child, and is locked up on $20,000 bail.

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Anonymous said…
I have looked into this and i am a graduate student that happens to know the family. I believe the charges are false. The girl that he supposedly had "raped" had been seen many times with older men, one of these men, the age of 21, being one of my older school friends. She had also shown behavior of wanting to be away from her parents, always going against her religion that required her to wear specific clothing to school. The mother is also a house wife. I honestly to not know how the father could have gotten away with this offense when the mother is always around. Then, i have discussed this with many people, most saying that William was a hard working man that was always very kind, nothing of the sort to be charged with alleged rape. Also, this daughter that he supposedly raped had always been caught in school saying "i hate the way my parents think they can force me to do things the way they want me to, i should have my own life". I am not saying that what William was charged with is false, but there are many red flags to this case. Many.
Anonymous said…
Umm how bout you be quiet because i know the family better than you as i am a part of it and would appreciate if you kept your thoughts which are false to yourself and i find it very weird you know who she hangs out with and what she says in school and
what her religeon requires

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