20 Years Ago Today ...

Last week marked 20 years since the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. It was June 17, 1994, that the nation was captivated as Al Cowlings drove suspect OJ Simpson along the 405 highway to his home in what became known as the slow-speed chase.


October 3, 1995. The shocking outcome of the O.J. Simpson trial leaves a nation divided. July 5, 2011. Casey Anthony walks free despite being convicted by millions on cable news and social media.

There are times when something as supposedly simple as a just verdict rises to the level of cultural touchstone. Often these moments hinge on logic that seems flawed and inexplicable—until now. In Acquittal, leading trial consultant Richard Gabriel explains how some of the most controversial verdicts in recent times came to be.

You can hear my interview with Gabriel here.

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