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Anonymous said…
you people have it all wrong!!!!! the so called "victim" attacked evan fields and heather powley and they defended themselves!!! after seeing the guy "victim" fighting with another man in country fair parking lot not 10 mins before hand and the were all intoxicated beyond believe the " victim" followed them out of the country fair parking lot into the Bradford library parking lot ran over put his arm around evan fields shoulders and said " hey buddy wanna make new friends" evan fields responded " no maybe the guy up there does" guy was walking in front of them and then as soon as evan fields said no the "victim" put evan fields and in a headlock hitting evan in the top of the head then took evan fields to the ground!!! so evan fields defended himself Heather Powley tried getting the "victim" off evan fields but no matter what they did the victim would not let go of evan they were scared because a man at 2:30 am that they have no clue who he is there not from around Bradford area k just saw him fighting in the parking lot of co fair 10 mins before hand as I said just cam out of no where and did what he did to evan how did they know he didn't have a knife or something there was no fight before hand or even so much as an argument the guy just attacked him out of the blue what if evan fields would've been a a 16 yr old that couldn't defend himself or and elderly man that couldn't alright all im saying is they were terrified that "victim" like I said could've had a knife a number of things that they had no clue of knowing about! they did everything they could to free themselves of the situation!!! so theres the other side to the storey nobodys hearing about!!
DT Dave said…
Also, the 239th Birthday of the U.S. Army!

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