Men Jailed for Stealing Truck from Used Car Lot

Two Bradford men are in jail for stealing a pickup truck from the Edmond Chevrolet used car lot.

19-year-old James Peters told police that he and 18-year-old Michael Troupe were waiting for a friend Tuesday afternoon when they noticed vehicles in the lot had keys in them, so they decided to take a set and come back later for the truck.

After meeting up with their friend and two teenage girls they waited downtown until dark. Peters and Troupe then stole a license plate from a truck in the city and walked back to Edmond’s. Peters drove out of the lot, then they picked up the girls, went to Byllye Lanes and put the stolen plate on the truck. Troupe then drove the truck to the Lewis Run Crosby’s, where they got gas, and then drove to Kane.

State police caught up with them Wednesday afternoon, then let Foster Township Police and Edmond’s know the truck had been stolen.

Peters and Troupe are both charged with theft by unlawful taking, conspiracy to commit theft, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and driving without a license. They are jailed on $30,000 bail each.

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