In Typical Bradford Fashion ...
People Pull Together for a Great Reason

Editorial Comment:

Less than two weeks ago I got frustrated when, after a crime was committed in Bradford, someone commented on Facebook, "Typical Bradford."

According to Merriam‑Webster typical is: normal for a person, thing, or group : average or usual.

I don't know about you but, in my circle of friends, stabbings are neither normal, average nor usual. And I have a pretty big group of friends. So, to me and my friends and acquaintances, this was anything but "typical Bradford" and it led to this Facebook rant (and the update I added yesterday):

We all know Bradford still has problems, but they are being addressed. Change doesn't happen overnight. If you can't see everything good that's happening in Bradford right now, you need to open your eyes. It's that simple.

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DT Dave said…
Let ALL of US be the "EYES & EARS" to HELP the City of Bradford Police STOP the "Nonsense" Crime!
Tuesday is "National Night Out" [] Nationwide.
Bradford WON an Award in 2009 {1st Citywide NNO] for its Efforts to "Take A Bite Out of Crime".
Then the NNO/Neighborhood Watch effort just died.
Support the *NEW* Ward 2 NNO Tuesday Night!
Contact Lisa Keck @ OECD for More Info.
368-7170x111 or 598-7098 or to get involved/help spread the word & as McGruff The Crime Dog says "Help Take A Bite Out of Crime in "OUR TOWN Bradford"!

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