Drug Seller Gets State Prison Time

A former Bradford man has been sentenced to three to nine years in state prison for selling prescription pills.

53-year-old Daniel Kloss sold 291 pills to a confidential informant with the McKean County Task Force for $1,550.

McKean County District Attorney Ray Learn says this is part of a large prescription drug problem in the county that law enforcement is addressing.

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Anonymous said…
so the tax payers now will pay between 60,000 to 180,000 to incarcerate this man who sold pills.it's time to realize that this misguided effort to stop drug use has been an abject failure.send the man to rehab if he is an addict;send him to a work program,train him,give him a job .when he gets out of prison he will be unemployable,unemployed and forced to sell drugs again.same old vicious cycle. the for-profit prison system in the u.s. sustains this insanity.
Anonymous said…
Karma. Know this guy personally and he is an evil hatefull man.

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