Rep. Wants to Decriminalize 'Bootlegging'

People of a certain age may remember getting worried about bringing beer into Pennsylvania from New York because it was illegal to bring alcohol across state lines.

As crazy as it sounds, it's still against the law for Pennsylvania residents to buy alcohol outside of the state and then bring in. Police say they are worried about people who buy large amounts of alcohol out of state, then re-sell it through their bar or licensed establishment. That can lead to administrative law violations or criminal charges. Fines clock in at $25 for every container of wine and liquor and $10 per every container of beer.

But State Rep. John Taylor says he’s introducing legislation that would decriminalize the practice of buying booze for personal consumption in New York, New Jersey, Ohio – or any other bordering state – and bringing into PA.

House Republican spokesman Steve Miskin says the bootlegging regulations are another instance in which Pennsylvania’s liquor laws are “out of whack with today’s world.”

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