City Eyes Property Tax Increase

The City of Bradford is looking at a probable property tax increase for next year.

Before the first reading of the budget ordinance during Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Tom Riel said 2014 was a rough year.

“We’ve had no tax increase for three years and I wish that could go on for a fourth year in a row,” he said. “It’s not looking like that at this point. “

He said that last week they were looking at a 4.76 mil increase, but they’ve whittled that down to 3.71 mils. But, he added, “at some point you can’t shave any more meat off the bone.”

“It’s not a pretty picture,” he said.

Riel said among the major items impacting the budget are an increase in health insurance costs as well as pension and contract obligations. Also, once every 11 years there’s a 27th pay day. That comes next year.

The final reading of the budget ordinance is at the end of next month.

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Anonymous said…
How much money has the new CFO saved the city?
Anonymous said…
So awesome, my health insurance increases through my employer and in turn, I have to pay more out of pocket. The city worker's insurance increases, I also have to pay that. And for what? What do these bums do for the city?! Drive around and look at the whole town.... What a damn dump from what it use to be. Look at the shacks everywhere and the rough roads. Look at the state funded citizens walking around. Half the town is on relief or ssi and the people that actually get up every day and go to work for a living have to pay for all this?! Time for the smarter people to abandon this hell hole waste of piece of real estate this nut- bag Riel calls Bradford. There are so many nice places to live that are close to here. Like foster brook. They are getting a sheetz! What an economic firework!!! They will sell gas, cigs, and pop just like the other 236 convenience stores in town! Workers will get minimum wage! The town is so excited. Let me tell you something, if the announcement of a future gas station to be opened makes so many people excited and talking about positive economic benefits of this place, and taxes are going up in the city, it's time for the younger generation to abandoned this place. There is no hope or incentive for any ambitious individual looking to start a career here. None. Well maybe, the hills are pretty once you get past the dilapidated structures. Let the the mayor and the dirt bags have this place.. Just fence the town in.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the first comment. We just had an election and why wasn't this issue brought to the voters as a referendum?...because they know the voice of the people would have voted a tax increase down. Start laying off city workers. Cut back on police who do nothing but harass motorists and steal their money with BS traffic citations. A tax increase is exactly what we don't need right now. The few that remain working, will be the only ones affected by this. I'm hoping people fight back, but I'm not holding my breath.

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