Honoring Our Veterans

Medal of Honor recipients Sgt. Sammy Davis and Lt. Col. Harold Fritz took part in Veterans Day ceremonies this morning in Veterans Square in Bradford. At 3:30 this afternoon they will be at the Zippo/Case Museum, where they will install a commemorative Medal of Honor Zippo lighter/Case knife set. The public is invited.

You can see more pictures of today's Veterans Square event on our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/1490wesb.

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Anonymous said…
I'll be the first to thank all the veterans who fought for our country and fought for our freedoms! Too bad they all died many, many decades ago!

What we have today are hired mercenaries and in some cases cold blooded killers who sign up because they like killing people. And the usual criminals who by the urging of a judge chooses to "sign up" instead of going to jail. And some people call them all "heroes". That really takes away from the real war heroes who truly did fight for our freedoms.

See some of the facebook pages for the shameless fools "cashing in" on the "Veterans Day" hoopla.

I would also ad that if you voted Republican, you voted AGAINST our veterans, their families and their needs.

Make love, not war!


John Stoneman

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