Saturday Water Update

As expected, the last 24 hours pushed the water system closer to normal operational levels. Overnight, the authority had several new reports of minor line breaks that are considered normal for this time of year.

If you are you are a residential water customer and still do not have water, you probably have a frozen pipe in your home or frozen service line from the main line to your home. You will need to call a private plumber or contractor to resolve frozen pipes of any sort.

Additionally we are still under the emergency declaration with anticipation of that declaration being lifted at a special council meeting scheduled for noon on Monday. All residents and commercial customers are reminded to continue to follow the strict water conservation request

The emergency operations center is being moved to the central fire station at 25 Chestnut Street with operating hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Central Fire Station is also the sole location for drinking water distribution. To contact the emergency operations center call 814-368-3141.

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