Man Allegedly Had Sex With Pre-Teen

A 31-year-old Galeton man is accused of sexually assaulting a pre-teen.

Lanz Young was arrested Saturday and charged with aggravated incident assault, endangering the welfare of a child and other offenses related to having sexual contact with a child younger than 13.

The alleged crimes happened on New Year’s Day in Coudersport.

Young is jailed on $50,000 bail.

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Anonymous said…
The title of this article should not read as if two people had consensual sex. He MOLESTED, ASSAULTED, or RAPED her. This title feeds directly into rape culture, like maybe it wasn't a really big deal that a 31 year old man had repeated sexual contact with a 9 YEAR OLD.
Anonymous said…
Uuggghhhh I can't believe a woman wrote the title to this article! A child younger than 13 can't possibly consent to "sex" with a 31-YEAR OLD MAN!
Anonymous said…
The title doesn't read"Grown man and preteen had an amazingly romantic night until they got busted" It say man allegedly had sex with preteen. The Author can't "slander" the defendant. It would b unprofessional because of the way our laws r set. Ppl r innocent til proven guilty.
Anonymous said…
Remember the word "allegedly". Doesn't mean that he did it. Let the courts do their job!

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